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The Modern Nomad’s Hunt for Adventure

There is an exhilarating sensation that one feels when he travels.

Men of today are, more and more, cultivating a burning desire to seek adventures; to be able to relish that feeling of freedom. They call themselves “modern nomads.”

Usually armed with GoPros and shooting equipment to document every moment of every trip, a travel trend that’s likely to stay forever, these travelers are ultimately longing to be part of a community wherein they can share their experiences, stories and that very same love for traveling—expressed through well-curated videos, photographs and blogs.

CVMN is that space.

We are a community of travelers that celebrates the modern nomad’s fervor for creating new adventures and exploring unfamiliar places. For men, by men.

There are cavemen from all over the world who aim to find themselves and help others in the process. The present-day caveman keeps the same values as those of our primal ancestors, but has adjusted to the times—just like the different ages: ice, metal and stone—to become a better and wiser living being.

Our site, www.cavemantravels.com, is a realisation of that; a tribute to the modern-day nomad who is tirelessly searching for more. You will read stories from men who live where they share their tips and recommendations from, as well as tales from men who have traveled around the globe.

Hunt for adventures. Gather experiences.

The Team

Stephen Ku (@stephen_ku) | Founder

It all started with this visionary. A serial entrepreneur with a relentless passion for traveling and nightlife, Stephen Ku has made a name for himself in the business of events production and nightlife in the Philippines. The last few years has seen this venture builder dive into the world of tech, bringing the CVMN brand into existence, as well as a number of other innovative startups. Stephen doesn’t waste time and is constantly exploring the great big world, embarking on new and thrilling adventures—as seen in his impeccable drone recordings—every chance he gets.

Dan Buenaventura (@danbuen) | Editor-in-chief and Co-Founder

Inspired by all things creative, Dan Buenaventura has shaped a formidable career in publishing and online media as an editor and content producer for the last decade. In April 2017, the digital maverick helped kickstart the CVMN movement, and has been the prime mover behind the site since. Dan loves to write, learn and speak different languages and also get fit. He finds euphoria in traveling; it’s his reminder that there will always be more places to discover, cities to get lost in and a myriad of beautiful souls to gain wisdom from and share moments with.

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