Flying out of Manila to a destination far, far away and dreading that long flight? Yes, there may be in-flight entertainment but some of the shows and movies available might not pique your interest. Fortunately, Netflix is among the staple applications every millennial has on their smartphone or tablet these days, and just like how we always talk about the important of having a kick-ass soundtrack for every travel, it’s essential to make other forms of entertainment available to you especially for long-haul flights because the key here is to ~not~ dread long hours of waiting, but to actually enjoy the journey.

We’ve listed down our top five picks that we recommend you to download before you travel, and we’re certain that as soon as you start the first episode of any of these shows, the next thing you know, you’re about to land. Check the list and a brief synopsis of each show below:

Peaky Blinders

The Peaky Blinders is a name of a gang in England back in the 1920s. So the show, obviously, is about them! The gang run by Thomas Shelby, who was a returning soldier after the great war, and his family was all about the life of crime in the midst of economic turmoil and that’s how he found that they didn’t have to stay as criminals when he can actually make a business with his crime—until an investigator shows up and tries to end crime in England. A crime drama that won’t bore you one bit!


This show is about modern couples who are trying to get through their day to day life in Chicago together. A comedic-drama that also tackles how technology and culture affects us and our relationships. If you’re looking for a lighthearted show that can also make you think, then this will definitely entertain you in-flight!

Master of None

A comedy set in New York starring famous comedian Aziz Ansari. The show is said to be a reflection of his life during his younger days, as a struggling actor. A 30-minute-per-episode show that will have you trying to hold in laughter not to wake up your seatmate!

BoJack Horseman

Another Netflix original that has everyone raging about it. A cartoon based in the ‘90s that somewhat reflects our own thoughts in different ways. A relatable, somewhat heartbreaking and most of the time funny show that will have you glued to your phone or iPad all flight long!

Black Mirror

If you haven’t gotten on the Black Mirror train, this is the time to do so! It is deep, sometimes dark and often serving hard truths on how technology affects us today. Once you get over the first few episodes, you will see the relevance and be quite entertained and curious about what the next episode has in store for you.

There is a download limit though according to your plan, so plan out what you’ll download beforehand. The downloads have expiry dates, but it depends on the show, so just check that out too. Excited to see these shows? Comment which one you’ll download for sure below!

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