Tara, let’s go!

Sound familiar? It might be the voice of your best friend, your significant other, or your sibling you hear in your head. Either way, we hope it’s because you’ve found your travel ride or die: you know, someone you think of every time you think about traveling. It’s the person you want to stay up ’til midnight with just to scout seat sales, the person you want to send travel moodboards to. It’s the person you always want to take with you to your next adventure. Because after all, it’s always who you’re with and not where you go. Here are some of our ways to see if you’ve truly found your travel soulmate!

You’re ~very~ comfortable with them

Repeat, you’re ~very~ comfortable with each other. Talks on bowel movement? No problem. Throwing up in front of a toilet bowl? Been there, done that. Traveling isn’t always glamorous and there are bound to be some very disgusting bumps and glitches along the way. You need someone who makes you feel comfortable enough to be yourself around them no matter what state you’re in—drunk, sick, sober, or simply messed up.

Alternatively, you need to be comfortable seeing them at their lowest too. And ultimately, you both need to be more than willing to help each other out through it.

You mutually respect each other’s sleep schedules

As someone who understands the sacred sanctity of snooze time, I ~had~ to put this in. Everyone has different sleep schedules: some people like to sleep early, some people don’t. Some people like to rise up at the crack of dawn, and some don’t. Whatever works for you is fine, but everyone needs someone who respects that. If you’re the type of person who can’t sleep in a noisy environment, then you probably need someone who is willing to take that phone call outside. If you’re the type of person who likes to sleep early, then you probably need your ride or die not to drag you out too much after 10PM.

You’re willing to sacrifice for each other

The fun thing about traveling, strangely enough, is that there are always going to be mishaps. You guys need to be there for each other when that happens. It’s ride or die, so no one should want to jump ship. Share your food with each other, even if there isn’t much. Lend money when someone needs it (but don’t forget to pay the other person back!). Don’t hog the blanket in bed. Offer to stay in when you see that your buddy isn’t feeling good. Take care of each other when you’re drunk, and always stick together through those awkward, scary, exciting moments.

You toe the fine line between persuasiveness and forcefulness

Traveling is about coming out of your comfort zone. You need someone who understands this while simultaneously respecting the fact that you ~have~ a comfort zone.  Don’t give into pressure if you have boundaries that you don’t want to test, but also try to keep an open mind (it’s a delicate balance, we know). It’s a completely different thing when your friend encourages you to try skydiving as opposed to your friend pushing you out of the plane. It’s good to take opportunities, but if you really, really, ~reeaaally~ aren’t feeling it, no one should force you into it.

You both have the same travel preferences (or are willing to compromise)

We hate to say it but sometimes, birds of the same feather really do flock together. It’s a lot simpler if both of you are beach babes or surfer dudes who are into the same thing. Then, planning an itinerary wouldn’t be so hard. But if you have different interests, then you have to be with someone who at least knows how to compromise. Talk to each other about your non-negotiables and try to fit those both in the itinerary. It may be a drag sometimes to visit that historical monument you don’t quite care about or to go ziplining when you’re not an adrenaline junkie, but at least it’s fair. And hey, you might just find your new hobby through it all!

So tell us, have you found your travel ride or die?

Artworks by Chloe King