The hustle and bustle of city life definitely drains one’s energy, especially nomads and jetsetters. The Philippines has just the remedy, what with its white sand beaches and idyllic countryside.

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The thing is, sometimes our bodies (not to mention our wallets) are telling us to slow down. If you’re still feeling the need to whisk yourself away—even for just one day—read on to learn more about a world of serenity that CVMN X offers you in Antipolo.

Experience Mount Purro Nature Reserve

Take the opportunity to go on a quick digital and work detox.Spend time in nature and appreciate its beauty.Find peace and be inspired.#DisconnectToConnect at #MountPurroNatureReserve#RepsonsibleTourism #GodNaturePeople #StewardshipSimplicitySharing

Posted by Mount Purro Nature Reserve on Sunday, January 27, 2019

Upon your arrival at Mt. Purro, take your pick of activities that you feel suits you.

Go soul-searching while climbing mountains

Photo courtesy of Mount Purro Nature Reserve

Take a page from 2009 Miley Cyrus and go on a climb. The reserve has forest hiking trails that you can embark on. Lose yourself in nature, but don’t worry about losing your way; you’ve got a guide to take the lead. Hiking can be a great way to stretch and warm up any sleeping muscles and really get your blood circulation going.

Feel the wind on your face with the mini-zipline

Photo courtesy of Lexel Martin Enecio

A rush of adrenaline every now and then is good for you: it helps you breathe easier (it really does—adrenaline signals the smooth muscles to relax); it heightens your senses allowing you to experience things around you more intensely; and it gives your immune system a boost. Mt. Purro offers adrenaline in the form of a mini-zipline that will only lift you up and let you fly, in every way.

Wind down as you flow down along the lazy river

Photo courtesy of Phieree Travels

If you feel like being cradled by nature, you can do that too. The nature reserve also offers a river excursion on weekends. You can take the time to just reflect and relax as you mosey down along the river. It’s been said that sometimes being near water can help clear the mind.

Connections and cooking, Dumagat style

Photo courtesy of Karla Around the World

A great way to experience a different place is by getting to know the locals, and in this case, it’s the Dumagat tribe, a group of indigenous peoples who care for the land, their ancestral domain. Connect with real people and learn their stories; maybe you’ll take home a valuable lesson. They’ll be teaching you how to cook different dishes using bamboo.

Play and enjoy the comfort of the reserve’s facilities

Photo courtesy of Wonderfilled Journal

Get some laps in or just lounge around in the water with your friends or the fam in Mt. Purro’s very own swimming pool.

Photos courtesy of Charmilyn Lucena

Take shelter in the breezy cabanas and gazebos available when you’ve had your fill of the pool. Though the place has got showers, make sure to bring your own toiletries and towels.

Photos courtesy of Phieree Travels

Or else, let out the inner child and you and take advantage of the playscape. Glide down the twin slides or climb up the wooden treehouse right beside it. Run, laugh and play to your heart’s content.

Pick a weekend, pack your bags and get ready to leave your worries behind—even just for a day—in this beautiful nest of nature.

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