Finally booked the ticket to your dream destination yet totally clueless what to do next? Scored the complete mountaineering gear and now confused on how to fit them all in your luggage? Booked that cozy Airbnb home but your itinerary is still a mess? Fret not for we’ve got your back, cavemen. You don’t have to search for every tip and hack there is online ‘cause we’ve got them all rounded up for your easy reference. Lo and behold, the CVMN Traveling Bro Code.

Keep reading, son—traveling newbie or not, your nomad life must be guided by these simple rules:

Extra baggage is baggage.

Pack light. You must have heard this a lot of times but only because it’s a rule you should never miss. Put in that extra pair of shoes only after you’ve tossed in all your essentials. If you’re going somewhere warm, consider bringing quick-drying synthetic clothes you can easily wash and repeat. If going somewhere cold, lightweight fleece jackets are a wise option.

Don’t fail to plan, plan to fail.

Plan every detail you could about your trip: lodging, wardrobe, tools or equipment needed, and itinerary. You can never be too ready, especially for possible mishaps. Pack an emergency medicine kit, allot a fund for contingency, and most importantly, keep an open mind for any change of plans. Not sure what else to bring? Learn the packing essentials here.

All the world’s a stage—dress the part.

Don’t fall for the basic tourist look. Dress like a local. Blending in rather than standing out can make your experience more authentic and enjoyable. Avoid glaring stares by wearing clothes appropriate for the climate, activity, and place. Up your OOTD game by taking social cues from the locals, and who knows, impress a girl with just a smile.

Act like a local.

More than just dressing the part, think, speak, and act like a local. Take time to learn their social practices. Bring a few handy local phrases with you. Plan your itinerary that allows you to explore local gems and not just the famous tourist spots.

Celebrate the culture.

Did you know that while most western countries consider eating with sounds a rude manner, Japan and China enjoy it as a gesture that you’re enjoying your food? Whatever the tradition is, respect and take part in it to offend no one and make your experience more memorable.

Take in the moment, leave no mark.

The whole point of traveling is to make moments and enjoy them. Take these moments home with you using your camera, a traveling journal, or best, your very own graphic memory. Preserve the experience not just for your own enjoyment but also for others by leaving the beautiful place as you’ve loved it. Respect the community, give no harm to nature, and keep your carbon print to a minimum.

Planning the tour of your dreams or your hard-earned backpacking trip should never drain the fun out of your travel experience. Keep calm and take the Traveling Bro Code by heart and you’ll go places—pun intended.

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