Sharks don’t have the best reputation, what with all the movies where they play the villain. Watching Jaws can keep anybody out of the water for a good month. *Shudder* Even animating studios like Pixar got these big fish as the antagonists that go crazy over the scent of blood. Just think Finding Nemo (“Fish are friends, not food”) and Shark Tale (“You see somethin’, you kill it, you eat it. Period. That’s what sharks do”).

Fortunately, not everybody thinks that way. Former NASA engineer-turned-YouTuber Mark Rober set out to prove once and for all whether sharks really can smell and if they really do love the smell of blood, using the good ol’ scientific method. Operation Sharkbait, as it was aptly named, racked up over 17 million views in less 48 hours.

Using four surfboards each with a different type of fluid pumped out in the course of an hour, it was proven that sharks do show interest in animal blood, but interestingly enough, not the same could be said for human blood.

So next time, though caution is a good thing to have in general, don’t be too afraid to dive in and befriend these amazing creatures of the sea.

Header image by USA Today

Article cover by Flickr

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