Christmas is in a few days and you’ve still got time to do that long-overdue holiday shopping! If you’re a traveler, we know for sure that you’ve got friends and family who love to explore the world as much as you do. If you clicked on this story with the mission to get gift ideas for your traveler bro, colleague or bestie, then you’ve come to the right place.

Now, what in the world do we get these travel-obsessed folks? Of course, the perfect answer is travel-friendly items they will not just love but use in every travel plan they have for 2019 and years to come. We list down 20 gift suggestions below for every kind of traveler friend, lover, family member you got—or you know, maybe a gift for yourself too! Check out the items that will make travelling more fun below:

Travel Journal

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Moleskine has released their passion journals and they have one specific for traveling. If you’ve a friend who loves to reflect on his or her travels, this is the perfect gift for them. A journal they can carry around, and take out anytime they want to jot down the worldly realizations we all experience when traveling to a new destination.

Insulated Water Bottle

No matter if you travel local or international on a regular, an insulated water bottle is an essential. It reminds you to keep hydrated while on tour or simply doing a walkathon around your country of choice. It can also help you save money because, believe it or not, in some countries water is more expensive than alcohol!

Dopp Kit

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For your backpacking and budget traveling nephew or bro, a travel-sized dopp kit that will pass the liquid regulations of airlines is a must. A simple kit that will fit the essentials.

Waterproof Bag

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Some travelers, all they do is chase summers—they prefer to just travel to tropical destinations all year round. This usually means the beach, maybe some island hopping, and a bunch of other water activities. Give them something that will keep their valuables safe, like a waterproof bag. Trust us, this have them thinking that your gift is the best one they’ve received yet.

A Stylish Parka

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No matter the weather, a parka is a must on your list of things to pack. It’s durable for rain, for the sun and whatever temperature the airplane might have. A neutral-colored parka that goes with any outfit will have your style-conscious traveling buddy happy.

Comfy Sneakers

Traveling requires a whole lot of walking, so make sure your shoes are ultra comfy. It’s great, too, to have this if you suddenly have a burst of motivation to squeeze in a quick jog to burn off some vacation weight gain. Is your special someone a fitness addict? This is the perfect present for him.

A Handy Facial Wash

Guys, it’s important to keep your face clean, no matter what. Pollution is a universal thing so when you get back to your hotel or hostel after a long day of traveling, remember to wash your face. Remind your friend just this by giving them a great facial wash they will love to use.

Moisturizer (For Your Hand-Carry)

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Traveling in airplanes might make your skin dry. Stay moisturized with a handy moisturizer you can just whip out in the middle of your flight when you can feel your hands or face getting dry.

Portable Speakers

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No matter what kind of traveler you are, speakers are a perfect companion to any destination. Going hiking? Lounging at the beach? Bust those speakers out and set the mood with a great playlist and enjoy your vacation. Got a music-obsessed traveler bae? This is the perfect present for him.

Packable Bags

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Aside from your luggage, you’re going to need a sturdy bag to tour around with. A packable bag that won’t take too much space in your luggage is great and it is also light and durable as you travel through your destination.

Sweet Escape Gift Voucher

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If you always travel with your bae, a great way to surprise them is to give them a Sweet Escape voucher for your next travel plans. Prepare yourself for the ultimate photo op with your girl! These are photos you can keep and cherish forever, and of course, show off on the ‘gram. Use the code CVMN to get $50 off + 30 photos on your next @sweet.escape session!

GoPro Hero 7 Black

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Are you the type of traveler to document every activity? Or got a friend or relative that does? GoPro’s latest offering is the perfect gift to them, or to yourself! Take beautiful photos and videos using the Hero 7 Black’s HyperSmooth feature from the tops of mountains to the bottom of the sea. The perfect traveling companion indeed.

Osmo Pocket

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Probably the hottest gadget in the tech world at the moment, and perfect for the vlogging traveler is the DJI Osmo Pocket. So if you want to be able to capture professional-looking shots of your travels, but still keeping it compact, better get an Osmo. Or give it to someone who loves to shoot some amazing reels.

We hope we helped you think of a great gift idea for any of the travel loving people in your lives. Any other travel essentials you would want to receive this Christmas? Share them below!

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