When we travel, we know it’s always better when you have family or friends with you to join the journey. In some cases, especially animal lovers, pets ~are~ family. Dogs for example—they’re not called man’s best friend for nothing.

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We’ve all heard those stories about people traveling across the country or around the world, a trusty dog or two (or more) by their side. But who’d have ever thought that a cat could be a lively companion too?

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Meet Dean Nicholson, a Scottish cyclist who left his job as a welder to travel the world. Not one for the 9 to 5 life, he set out from his home in Dunbar and set out to pedal his way across the continent and beyond, he shared with The Washington Post. His solo act became a duo adventure sometime around the time when he was biking up a hill in Bosnia, when he discovered a kitten chasing him on his way up.

After little hesitation, he decided to take this kitten he named Nala along with him. As any pet owner would know, having a pet changes one’s view of life. Where once his ultimate goal was to get out there and see the world, he now takes it at a relaxed pace. Nala’s comfort is his priority, once staying in a hotel for three weeks to let her recover from a mild chest infection she contracted after they got caught in a bad storm.

Despite the many requirements we need to see to before being able to bring our furbabies with us on our trips, it’s absolutely worth it every. Single. Time.

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