Though Japan is world-famous for its hospitality, for many travelers, staying at a luxurious Tokyo hotel is a waste. Japan’s capital has an endless supply of things to see and do, and if your Tokyo itinerary includes the equally memorable endpoints of an early-morning fish market run and late-night-sake-tasting-bar-hopping, you might not be spending very much time in your hotel at all.

But at the same time, you don’t want to end up in a run-down motel sleeping on a worn-out mattress that leaves you feeling more tired and exhausted when you wake up than you did when you went to bed. What you need is balance, which is the mission of the Muji Hotel Ginza.

Photo by Muji

The newest venture from interior/lifestyle brand Mujirushi Ryohin (known internationally as just Muji) bills itself as an “anti-luxurious, anti-cheap” hotel. The result of that seemingly contradictory concept is something that feels like a home away from home in downtown Tokyo, as opposed to an impersonal hotel stuffed with amenities you don’t need.

Photo by Ryohin Keikaku
Photo by Hypebeast

Simple, stylish, and comfortable, the rooms make abundant use of wood, stone, tatami reed flooring, and other natural materials. If the understated aesthetic is something you’d like to adopt in your own home once your journey ends, you’ll be happy to know that the furniture, towels, and many other items in the guest rooms are straight out of the Muji catalog, and available for purchase at the Muji store on the first five floors of the building (the hotel occupies floors 6 through 10).

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