A cold front is making its way towards the UK right now, just in time for the weekend, which is nice and considerate of it. Pesky weather.

However, for some people in the UK, it’s not all bad, as it means the stunning Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis if you’re that way inclined, will be visible in some areas.

The cold front means, yep, that the weekend is going to be cooler than usual for this time in the year, but just behind the cold front follows some clear skies—hence the opportunity to spot the groovy green lights.

The Met Office shared the news, saying the light spectacle will be visible to residents of Scotland, depending on cloud cover.

The skies are predicted to be especially clear in the Scottish Highlands, as well as to the east, in Dundee and Aberdeen. Though they could also be visible in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

This is a repost from www.unilad.co.uk. Read the original article by Charlie Cocksedge here.

Header image by Guide to Iceland

Article cover by G Adventures

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