• A passenger on holiday with his family offers to fly the plane upon learning that flight was delayed
  • Passenger is actually an easyJet pilot
  • Officials say the incident was an extraordinary one but still follows protocol

Isn’t it such a drag when you’re at the airport three or four hours early for your flight, only to find out that it’s delayed? You’re put through unnecessary weariness and all that careful planning goes right out the window.

Sometimes, though, we get lucky. Meet Michael Bradley: husband, father, fellow passenger and oh, he just happens to be an easyJet pilot.

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Just as passengers of this Manchester Airport flight to Alicante, Spain got news of their flight getting delayed, Bradley’s wife “punched [him] in the back of the head” at 3:00 AM, prompting him to offer to co-pilot the plane.

Thank God for this guy, right?

The airline’s spokesperson described that this was in fact “exceptional”, but since Bradley was well-rested and was legally allowed to fly the aircraft, it was all good. Watch Bradley explain this interesting turn of events:

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Article cover by CN Traveler

Header image by Serge Ferrari

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