Love month is here, and we’ll be kidding ourselves if we don’t tell you that the best way to celebrate is to travel with your girl (just make sure she’s really yours, bruh). This way, you make new memories with the person you love in a new destination that’s worth exploring. Of course, pre-planning is a must, and researching about the destination you want to go to is essential for a fuss-free trip.

And of course, with every travels comes the millennial responsibility to document every single moment, sometimes turning traveling couples into content-creating nomads. And in recent years, we’ve seen the rise of travel vlogging, allowing adventure seekers to turn their travels into content, which we all know by now is a great source of livelihood in the digital age, and audiences to turn to platforms such as YouTube and Instagram for travel ideas, tips and tricks.

More and more travel personalities have been popping up in our social media feeds, but our favorite ones are the couples who are living their best nomad lives! Check out our list below:

Murad and Nataly Osmann of #FollowMeTo

Photo courtesy of @followmeto on Instagram

Nataly and Murad Osmann made that famous #FollowMeTo couple pose that we’re sure you’ve seen all over your Instagram feed. These two have been to all those countries flocked by tourists but have also explored underrated destinations that’s making us want to visit as well.

Daneger and Stacey

Dane and Stacey are a travel-vlogging couple from New Zealand. Not only are they on YouTube, they also have a blog where they share the real costs of traveling to all these different countries, as well as other travel tips. These two really show how all these trips are doable and not just all for show.

Kach and Jonathan Howe of Two Monkeys Travel Group

You might know these two as the Two Monkeys Travel Group, a blog where they share curated travel itineraries and breakdown of expenses for every destination they visit. They are on a sailing series as of writing—what an adventurous duo! They offer a fresh take on traveling and that’s what their subscribers love about them.

Marie Fe and Jake Snow

If there is a most Instagrammable couple award, it would be awarded to these two. The photos and vlogs (like their recent New Zealand roadtrip) from their trip are perfectly curated—one look at a simple IG story and it will challenge you to get on their level when it comes to producing travel content.

Stephen and Jess Parry-Valentine of Flying The Nest

Known as the duo behind Flying The Nest on YouTube, these two full-time travelers do an excellent job showcasing their travels very candidly. They don’t sugarcoat the details—which is great, because you’ll really learn a lot about a destination before you visit it yourself.

Jack Morris and Lauren Bullen

You might know Jack and Lauren as travel vloggers that go by the pseudonyms Doyoutravel and Gypsea Lust respectively. But they have recently teamed up as a couple to show their adventures to the world! Although exuding very dreamy vibes in their films and photos, the thoughts and positivity they share in their captions come off as very genuine, making them still relatable to many.

Rajela Belandres and Rod Ruales

Photo courtesy of @ninjarod on Instagram

This couple makes us want to fall in love in all the places they’ve been to. These two Cebuanos are great at maintaining their IG feeds and being travel content creators. Stunning beach destinations and beautiful sunset couple shots are what we want in our feed too, right?!

Martin Solhaugen and Patricia Averilla

We find love in a hopeless place? How about while traveling? That’s exactly what happened to Martin Solhaugen and Patricia Averilla, a.k.a. Avelovinit, who met while traveling and filming their own vlogs, and are now a couple. Not only do you get access to their amazing adventures but have a fun time watching them too—these goofballs are funny as hell! Check out their collab videos of their Norway adventure.

Natalie Tarin and Kres Jacobsen 

Natalie Tarin is the other half of the travel vlog The Travelling Foxes, whom she shares with Amsterdam-based content creator, Natasha Villaroman. When she’s not traveling with her fellow fox, she’s exploring the world with husband Kres Jacobsen. Check out their recent honeymoon documented on the vlog above.

Seb Gilbert and Janina Manipol of Maldavar Films

Maldavar Films is the brainchild of two passionate wanderers and filmmakers, Seb and Janina. Through their platform they are able to show the wonders of nature in perfectly-edited videos and images, making you fall in love with every magical place they visit.

Who are your favorite traveling lovers? Let us know below!

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