As passionate modern nomads, we all have our own unique ways of traveling: by bus, plane, car… just kidding. What we mean is we have different personalities that reflect in the way we go on our adventures. From planning our trips, to packing your stuff, to dealing with airport security and immigration, and exploring your destination… we all travel differently, and that’s just life.

So just for the fun of it, we came up with a list of the kinds of travelers out there and if you still haven’t figured out how exactly you travel, maybe this will help you do just that:

1. The Forever Solo Traveler

We know this one too well. The Forever Solo Traveler is always in constant search of himself and gets out of the city every chance he gets to go on a road trip or a solo surfing sesh in La Union. The selfie stick is his best friend. To this guy, traveling with companions isn’t as fulfilling as doing it alone. Not that he hates it, but the feeling of independence and freedom is exactly what he’s looking for when he travels, and we respect that. We love a free-spirited solo traveler.

2. The Forgetful Traveler

“Dude, where’s my passport?” or “I can’t find my backpack” sound familiar to you? The Forgetful Traveler in the group is always misplacing and forgetting his things and stresses everyone out. LOL. Most deserving of a traveling kit or a body bag as a gift for Christmas. Your friends are probably used to your forgetfulness and try to keep an eye on your belongings all the time. If you’re this person, do yourself a favor and make a checklist, man.

3. The Planner

Are you the one who’s got everyone’s passport details recorded so you can book on the go when there’s a seat sale? The one who has promo codes for hotel booking and organizes the whole itinerary? If you are The Planner of the group, we are forever thankful to people like you, dude! Although, live a little—if things don’t go as planned, no need to throw a fit because chances are, your companions won’t mind and you guys will still have plenty of fun doing other things.

4. The Overpacker

That one traveler who tends to bring his whole life when going on a trip—and somehow still finds a way to shop a ton and fit it in his luggage—and get away with it. Never underestimate the abilities of The Overpacker. This is the friend you make fun of for bringing six pairs of shoes and eight sets of clothes for a four-day trip. Yup, they exist… but on the other hand, you gotta be thankful to travelers like this because when the time comes you’re in need of an extra shirt or a pair of socks, he will be your savior.

If you identify as this kind of traveler and want to learn how to pack light, read our guide here.

5. The ‘Anything Goes’ Traveler

That one traveler who just wings it. Often spotted watching Netflix series on his iPad whenever he gets the chance. He says yes to all the plans, and just let you plan whatever and he’ll just go with it. We’re not sure yet if you’re fun to be with or not (LOL), but your go-with-the-flow attitude sure does make you easy to travel with. The ‘Anything Goes’ Traveler is actually very admirable—if you can go about your day in another city with absolutely no plans and manage to have fun, then you are rocking the travel game.

6. The YOLO Traveler

The YOLO Traveler always goes for extreme or unusual adventures because they live for the thrill of it. Nerve-racking and heart-stopping activities such as skydiving, skiing, mountain climbing, cliff diving—you name it—this dude will take all of it. Usually has a GoPro attached to his body to document his every move and a ‘you only live once’ tattoo. Beware of this kind of traveler though—if your trip doesn’t involve crazy adventures, they will easily get bored and probably weigh everyone down. Better choose the trips you’re inviting them to.

7. The Wanderer

They say getting lost is the best part of travel, and we attest to this—but it’s not always fun when you’re traveling with other people. The wanderer often disappears when he takes a quick detour to the washroom without informing his companions, or gets distracted by something cool and breaks away from the group or worse, he just ~absolutely~ has no sense of direction. Often causes his friends to have a panic attack and is registered in The Planner’s Find My Friends app. When there’s such kind in a group, though, you can’t help but find it entertaining—this fella always gets himself into hilarious situations and that sometimes makes for funny travel stories.

8. The Unlucky Traveler

Delayed flights, annoying seatmates, lost luggage, a rainy vacation… the list goes on and on of misfortunes that can happen to The Unlucky Traveler. So you combat these with positivity and motivational podcasts. LOL. For some reason, something unfortunate always happens in every trip, but you don’t get surprised anymore, do you? You acknowledge that it’s all part of travel and you still do your best to enjoy the trip, and that’s what matters. Sometimes, those small misfortunes are what makes a trip memorable and unforgettable.

9. The Hookup King

All hail, king of swipe rights! That friend who’s always on his phone, not because of Instagram Stories but because he’s actively checking his Tinder or Bumble matches, hoping to meet a hot local he can hook up with. If there are no matches (tragically), when out in the club, he’s slick as a whistle when it comes to the ladies and always ends up taking one home! Usually has a pack of rubber johnnies in his bag. A real-life hero for us, cavemen.

10. The Drunk Traveler

Most likely to get drunk on flights. When asked what it is you want to do on every holiday, your answer is probably to drink and get wasted all day and night. You’re on vacation anyway—escaping from reality and the stressors in life—so we can’t blame you. Are you this kind of traveler? Looking for beers during tours, a glass of whiskey when it’s happy hour or chugging tequila shots at night when out checking the city’s nightlife scene… you’re the life of the party and your companions love you for it. At least you know this friend is out for a good time!

11. The Paranoid Traveler

Are you that friend who triple checks everything before going to another country? “I heard there’s a lot of pickpockets,” or “Are you sure this hostel is legit? What if it’s a scam?” are some of the phrases that probably come out of this traveler’s mouth. Usually seen wearing a mask and carrying a hand sanitizer wherever he goes. The one who books his hotels separately, stays in posher places in the fear of getting mugged or acquiring a disease and all that scary stuff you make up in your mind… if this is you, you’re an overly cautious traveler and you need to do something about it—otherwise you’ll never be able to have genuine fun when you travel.

12. The Vlogger

That traveler you see talking to himself on camera? Oh, the vlogger! He’s got a mirrorless camera and a gimbal glued to his hand at all times, switches to shooting drone videos from time to time and documents everything from the trip for his #content. He also often goes live on Instagram, Facebook and even Twitter to update his followers what he’s up to. Lucky for you if you travel with this kinda guy, you’ll usually have a nicely-edited video of your trip that you can go back to forever—so better be your best self every time he’s shooting because you might just go viral.

13. The Photographer

Ah yes, the “photographer”.He’s always seen carrying a huge-ass camera, a tripod and a heavy bag with his equipment and takes 500 shots of every damn thing. He also has the best Instagram feed among the squad, naturally. You either love or hate this kinda guy—on one hand, he is the cause of delays because he often wanders around and gets left behind, on the other, you get to have beautiful photographs from the trip, so you can’t really complain there.

So which one are you among this list? Or got a travel buddy who’s exactly like one of these? Share them this article and comment which one you are too!

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