Today is a special day for our beloved dads… It’s Father’s Day! Make sure to not let the day pass without greeting your old man and maybe having a beer (or three) with him! They say traveling with your dad is equal parts awesome and awkward: if you’re a dude, going on a trip with the pops is like seeing what you’ll be like in 30 or so years. If you’re a single dude, he could even be your wingman (and this is where the awkward part takes place). Going on long flights could mean long exposures to those corny dad jokes (which, let’s face it, we all love). If you’re traveling as a family, your father might not exactly be the best person to trust when it comes to taking your pictures. Ha.

In this little Father’s Day tribute, we ask a few nomads about their experience traveling with their dads, and here’s some hilarious stories from them:

I was about 8 or 9 when we went on a family trip to Rome (me, my 2 older sisters and my parents). We were at the Spanish steps and me and my sisters were sliding down the bannisters for fun. My mum was NOT pleased – kept telling us to come down because it was disrespectful. However, my dad was very chill and said ‘nah … it’ll be fine, leave them be’. Next thing we know we hear an ear piercing whistle and there is a very angry Italian policewoman shouting at us from across the plaza in front of everyone. My mum was so embarrassed. That was the last time she ever let him make an executive parenting decision hahah

—Beth Richards

My dad lives in Australia, and I live in Europe, so I only get to see him every few years. In 2016 he visited. I remember standing at the gate, not having seen him in two and a half years, and he arrived. Me and my brother ran up to him and hugged him so tight he could hardly breathe! We had decided to travel to Paris, as it was an old favourite of dad’s before I was even born. It was incredible to see the art that he had taught me about when I was a little girl and have three weeks to travel with him. I haven’t seen him since, but he is coming for a month long trip through Scotland very soon!

—Darcie Anderson

I studied in France for a year and when my dad came to visit me it was his first time out of the country! He is a huge camping and outdoorsy guy, so Paris (my home base) was not his taste at all. He hated the lack of air conditioning, the rudeness of waiters, and he didn’t know any word in french other than ‘bonjour’. One thing he did love about Paris, though, were the Jason Bourne movies. I had never seen them, but he hilariously posed in front of any cafe he thought he recognized from the movie and asked my mom and I take videos of him reenacting the scenes (by himself)! We had a blast and even by the end of the trip he was able to order himself a “chocolate pain” (really a pain au chocolat, but he pronounced it like being in actual pain). Definitely won’t forget that!

—Jenny Goyer

Happy Father’s Day to all the kickass fathers out there from Team CVMN. You dads rock!

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