Do you remember the first time you flew on a plane? Provided you didn’t book a particular seat, did you know right away your preferred seat, or you just took what was available? As you travel more and more—gaining experience from flying, be it for vacation or work—you’ll realize just what exactly your seating preference is on an airplane.

Who knew choosing between a window and an aisle seat would matter so much to us travelers? But it does, and either choice has its pros and cons. We settle which is which in this list:

Window Seat

Pro: The View

Personally, I prefer the window seat for this reason alone. Looking out the window as the plane takes off, lands and during the flight gives me more excitement. Especially if you have a flight the same time as sunrise or sunset, the view from above is really something else. You can also see how close you are to your destination since you’re always on the lookout.

Pro: You can Lean on the Wall

I mean, nothing is more embarrassing than sitting beside a fellow passenger and accidentally sleeping on their shoulder, right? At least if you’re seated by the window, you can lean into it and avoid the humiliating feeling knowing you sort of drooled on your seatmate. LOL.

Pro: You Can’t be Bothered

Sitting by the window gives you your own little space and not get disturbed by your seatmates who want to pass to get to the loo. You also won’t have to deal with people passing back and forth in the aisle.

Con: You Will Disturb Them Seatmates

You may have the luxury of enjoying the view from the plane window but once that bladder acts up you’re going to have to disturb your seatmates to pass through. What if it’s in the middle of the flight when some of them are sleeping? Sorry, I guess. It’s a con too when you’re running late to your flight and have to struggle to get to your seat.

Con: You Will Feel Stuck and Frustrated

Since you’re stuck at the end of the row, you will get frustrated if you’re already happily tucked in your seat and suddenly remember you left your book, maybe your earphones, or—worse—your snack in the overhead compartment, and if you’re someone who hates causing a disturbance to others, you know this is a huge problem. So remember to ready your plane essentials with you before you settle in.

Con: You Will be Last to Get Out of Your Row

So you had a long flight and you’re just dying to get off the plane. You’ll have to wait for your row to have the chance to get out and take their sweet time gathering their stuff, and sometimes you’ll also have a hard time squeezing yourself in the line out.

Aisle Seat

Pro: Easy Access to the Toilet

The con of sitting on the window seat is if you have a tiny bladder and have to go to the bathroom every 20 minutes, you will be every passenger’s worst nightmare during flight. So if you know that you’re this type of person, do your seatmates and yourself a favor and choose the aisle seat for easy access.

Pro: First One Out of the Row

If you are an anxious flyer, no matter how many times you’ve traveled, it always gives you more assurance when you’re by the aisle. Why? Because you know that if you need to do an emergency exit you won’t have to wait for your seatmates to get out. But emergencies aside, you get to exit the plane first too, once you land.

Pro: (A Bit of) Extra Legroom

Long-haul flight? You’re going to need a little bit of room to stretch those legs out. As long as no one is passing by you can slightly stretch your legs out to the aisle to relieve those restless legs, am I right? Nothing but an added legroom to make you a happy flyer.

Con: No View

You won’t have an opportunity to look out the window to see the views from above. Which also means no awesome views of the sky on your IG Stories. #uncool

Con: Getting Disturbed Easily

When your seatmate has to go to the bathroom you will have to give way and if the space is cramped you might even have to stand. And if you’re a light sleeper and your seatmate wants to ask something from the flight attendant, you will be bothered by this.

Con: Pressure to Hurry up When the Plane Lands

I mean you know your seatmates are just waiting for you to get up so they can leave so if you’re the kinda guy who likes to take his sweet time, there’s that internal panic to stand up right away, gather your things so you can get out of the way.

Do you have your usual seat or you’re still deciding which one you like more? Are you #TeamWindow or #TeamAisle? Tell us in the comments below.

Header courtesy of Travel and Leisure

Article courtesy of Mary Chryston

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