Have you ever wondered if your mom could go back to a time where she was younger and more able, would she travel more and go on crazy adventures? She’d probably say that she did not have the luxury of time or money to do fun and exciting things she has always wanted to try. But hey, it’s not too late to do them now, right?

It may take a little convincing, but our moms deserve to experience and enjoy the world beyond motherhood. CVMN has been in touch with some of the most inspiring and fearless moms out there, and majority of them agree that they barely even remember the feeling of being a young and outgoing woman in her 20s. We asked them about the things they wanted to do but couldn’t, and here are some of the best answers that are worth trying now.

Wear a bikini at the beach.

Tell your mom to pack her bags and get her swimsuit ready because the beach has been waiting for her! There should be nothing that can stop her from rocking that bikini she has always wanted to wear. She may not be comfortable with the idea of letting some skin show, so be her hype man and tell her how beautiful she looks in everything she wears.

Go Salsa dancing in Puerto Rico.

Salsa classes have a laid-back environment where everyone can dance sensually to the rhythm without inhibitions. The women get to wear high heels and flowy dresses. It would be fun if your mom could travel to Latin America and learn to dance Salsa. She could join Salsa social nights where people meet at the studio, have drinks, and just dance the night away.

Experience a business class flight.

Flying business class is the best way to start a trip especially when traveling long haul. Aside from the comfortable seats and complimentary food, one of the best perks of flying business class is having access to the exclusive lounge. Your mom deserves a relaxing and restful trip all throughout, starting with her flight.

Party all night in the club.

From time to time, our moms gotta let themselves lose control and just let their spirits come alive. Partying is a great way to destress and be in touch with your body. The next time you’re traveling to places with great nightlife, take your mom to a club, grab some drinks, and dance to good music.

Go on a backpacking trip anywhere in the world.

Backpacking is a great way to immerse oneself in different environments. Just imagine: eating local street food, staying in hostels, traveling on a budget. This may be the break that your mom has always needed in order to know herself better and set her mind free. It may not be the most convenient and comfortable way to travel, but it will surely make an adventure of a lifetime.

Back in the days, our moms were probably so preoccupied with motherhood that they tend to neglect their own wants or resist the urge to go somewhere. All moms are selfless after all. But now that we know better, they deserve to enjoy the things they kept missing out. So go out there and help her achieve her travel goals!

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