Did you hear that Manila will be experiencing a scorching 40-degree celsius weather for the next couple of days? This summer heat is really crazy, ain’t it? If you’re currently in the city and want to chill in a cooler (literally and figuratively) place, we suggest you head up north to Baguio City. Located in Northern Luzon, Baguio City is said to be the summer capital of the Philippines. People flock here to escape the heat in the city. Baguio, being in the mountains, has cold weather, especially at night—it can go down to less than 15 degrees! So even if the sun is out, you’ll still be wearing sweaters due to the cold breeze.

This city is only accessible through land, a 4-5 hour drive from Manila. An easy escape from the city’s hustle and bustle, Baguio offers a tranquil and easy-going vibe thanks to its pine trees, magnificent views and cozy atmosphere. Come up for the (long) weekend and you’ll find yourself with enough activities for a short vacation.

Day 1

BenCab Museum

Benedicto Cabrera, more famously known as BenCab, is a national artist and is said to be a master for the contemporary arts in the Philippines. Visit this well-known museum and see his famous and distinct masterpieces, as well as art from other homegrown artists.

Arca’s Yard

Photo courtesy of Rodel Flordeliz

Arca’s Yard is a cozy bed and breakfast and mini library that serves healthy and delicious dishes. Have your brunch here after a morning of appreciating art. Wind down, enjoy a good read and the chill vibe of the city before you head out for more activities.

Thrift Shopping

Photos courtesy of Travel Hard Hannah

This city is also known for its thrift shopping options. If you’re into streetwear, you can find classic pieces in some of the stores here. They’re authentic, mostly vintage and come in cheap prices. You just have to make time to look through each and every item to find gems.

Mines View Park

After scavenging for some good thrift finds, head down to a park and have some merienda, or afternoon snack. One of the famous parks in Baguio is Mines View, here you can go for a quick Pinoy snack: taho. Perfect for the cool weather. It’s made of tofu, pearls and arnibal or caramelized syrup. But in Baguio, it also comes in two flavors, ube and strawberry! It’s something unique and not usually available in Manila, so better try it out.

The Mansion

Photo courtesy of malacanang.gov.ph

The Mansion is the counterpart of Malacañang Palace in Manila. It is a tourist spot and historical site that you can go check out while you’re in Baguio. If you’re into structures and architectural designs, you will want to wander around this place. Classic and regal design all throughout. Worth the visit.

Baguio Craft Brewery

Photo courtesy of Baguio Craft Brewery

Time to end the day with some good food and good beer! If you and your lady love a good nightcap after a long day of traveling, this is the place for you. Locally-crafted beer on tap! They have a lot of options to pick from, from fruity and light to bitterish and dark ale. It’s quality beer that goes perfectly with the Baguio weather. They even allow you to taste test the beers you want before choosing one! They serve good food too, so go ahead and have your dinner here and match it with your beer of choice.

Day 2

Bistro by Hill Station

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so you better pick a good place to have it in. And in Baguio, that is Bistro by Hill Station! They serve organic wild rice and offer local produce. You’re going to want to order everything on the menu because the food here is really delicious!

Strawberry Farm in La Trinidad

Photos courtesy of Delightful Illusions

A city outside Baguio, called La Trinidad, is a must visit. It’s a few minutes drive away, depends on the traffic in Baguio itself. If you’ll be visiting the city during a long weekend or the holidays, expect heavy traffic due to the number of tourists visiting. If you want to bring home really fresh strawberries and snack on some back in your hotel then visit the Strawberry Farm in La Trinidad. Pick the strawberries yourself—a great activity for you and your bae and maybe the whole fam as well!

Stobosa Mural

Photo courtesy of Lost and Wonder

On your drive back to Baguio City, you can pass by the Stobosa Artworks! It is a mural that was painted over the stack of houses in the area. 180 houses to be exact! If you’re looking for an Instagrammable spot for this trip, this is definitely that place.

Fun fact: it took them half a year to finish this beautiful site. They also used eco-friendly paint, which is a good thing because that was gallons and gallons of paint they used.

Vizco’s Cake Shop

After your trip to La Trinidad, stop by Vizco’s cake shop for your afternoon snack! And what’s better than having delicious dessert for snacks, right? They’re famous for their Strawberry Shortcake of course, but they have other desserts as well like Mango Torte and Ube cake.

Burnham Park

Photo courtesy of Wikinut

More activities await you in Burnham Park! Visit the park and choose from boating in the lake, biking around the park or just chilling around and enjoying the cool breeze. Opt for a relaxed afternoon in the heart of the city to end your two-day vacation.

Lemon and Olives

Photo courtesy of Lemon and Olives

Fancy some Greek food? There’s a really good Greek taverna in Baguio called Lemon and Olives. It is something that you can only find in this city, so tourists and locals flock here to get their Greek food cravings satisfied. Enjoy this place for your last dinner in the country’s summer capital!


Photo courtesy of Hardin

End your night with some drinks in Hardin. A rooftop bar designed like a garden that offers quality cocktails, beers and food. This place is a really cool drinking spot, so you’ll definitely enjoy it! Great ambiance and décor, now all you need is some good company!

Day 3

Choco-Late de Batirol

Photo courtesy of Curious Pawn

You can’t leave Baguio without having the famous hot chocolate from Choco-Late de Batirol. The right amount of sweetness, it’s comfort in a cup. They serve good food too, so you can head there for a quick breakfast before leaving this beautiful city.

There are many more restaurants and places to see in this amazing little city, you’re going to want to go back when you’re craving for a cold escape from the city.

Now is this getting you excited to go on a spontaneous trip to Baguio soon? What are you most excited to do? Share it with us below!

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