Phuket is one of the beautiful paradises in Asia that has been struck by tragedy but remained stunning as ever, and is an ideal vacation spot for families and couples alike. I was excited by the thought of an island located in Thailand that’s rich in culture and filled with nature’s wonders as I rush through a busy afternoon at the airport to get to my flight. A three-hour flight to Bangkok from Manila, then transferring to another one-hour flight to get to Phuket, I was getting more and more excited and antsy at the same time as it was taking too long. But don’t get me wrong, seeing the island after I landed made all that travel worth it.

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The fam and I stayed in Marriott’s Mai Khao Beach, a two-hour drive from the Phuket International Airport. A secluded and private area that has everything from multiple restaurants, villas, pools and a gorgeous beachfront. Having arrived at night, we decided to just rest up after settling in the villa to prepare ourselves for the next two days of tropical fun in the island. In this edition of 48 Hours, we get to know Phuket, the largest island in Thailand:

Day 1

We decided to stay at the resort and utilize the different activities we can do within the area.

Brunch at The Coffee Club

A shuttle away from the resort is a small plaza that boasts several restaurants that tourists can choose from. We decided to try The Coffee Club, which is actually a famous café in Thailand. You can find it anywhere in the country, kinda like Starbucks in Manila. Their pancakes are fluffy and really delicious, served with fresh strawberries and their Pad Thai is actually really good as your first local meal.

Chill at the private beach front

Sadly, we traveled during the rainy season and it wasn’t safe enough to swim in the beach. So we decided to just lounge at the shore and enjoy the sound of the waves.

Sunset watch and drinks

Sunsets are always a beautiful sight to see. And luckily, that day the sunset was so beautiful and golden.

Dinner at a beach shack

Just a five-minute walk from the resort is a small beach shack that serves authentic Thai cuisine. You know what they say, the sketchier the place, the more legit the food is. Since it was a windy night, we decided to eat some spicy Tom Yum.

Day 2

Up early the next day and went on a tour to Phuket town. Another three-hour drive from the resort.

Lunch at The Pad Thai Shop

Before going around town, we stopped by The Pad Thai Shop which is said to be the place to go to for the best Pad Thai. And true enough, the place was packed when we got there. We ordered spicy shrimp Pad Thai and Crab Fried rice. And holy shit, I highly recommend this place! It’s cheap and really really delicious. Now I’m dreaming of their Crab Fried Rice! It had a generous amount of crab and it was fresh and tasty.

Karon View Point

Phuket has a lot of viewpoints where you can see the island from above. Before going shopping, we gotta squeeze in some nature activities right? Upon entering Karon View Point, you’re treated to this beautiful sight. And another plus is there’s no hike up to get to it, just a flight of stairs—perfect for short trips such as this one.

Phuket Town

Photo courtesy of Steven Wright

A block surrounded with colorful and vibrant buildings, cheap street food, chic cafes and boutiques. The whole family will definitely enjoy this area.

Eat Mango Sticky Rice

While in Phuket town, you can find cafes that serve this dish. If you are not familiar, this is actually a famous Thai dessert. Sweet mangoes served with sticky rice drenched in coconut milk. It might sound weird, but it is delicious!

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2 days is good enough, but I would go back and stay longer for sure! Also, as mentioned above, it was a rainy vacation therefore we didn’t get to do island hopping – so this is something I would go back for. So as a Caveman tip: plan a trip during the Summer season so you can fully enjoy your trip.  

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