Who wants to admit it?  Leaving the bachelor’s life is indeed a pain, but if you’re gonna go out , you might as well go out gun’s a’blazin!  We’ve researched and investigated from various bachelors & “reliable sources” who have organized Stag Parties for their mates all around the world and here’s their list of top places to celebrate or shall we say commemorate this special day (or week) of singlehood ONE.  LAST. TIME.



From city-roving pubs on pedals , to the famous pothead’s paradise “coffee shops” to the world’s most popular red light district, what about Amsterdam doesn’t scream out loud – Bachelor’s Party !!!

Insider Tip: Go out to Den Haag where they have a red light district as well, except with hardly half the crowd in Amsterdam.


Definitely check out their special “Coffee Shops”. For non-pot heads, be careful when you order.  Their level of mild is different from normal human beings and we’re not talking about coffee here.


The casino and party mecca of the world was built on two things – Gambling & Girls.   Make your way to the infamous Spearmint Rhino or just book a table at any of the major clubs and your Bachelor’s Party is way on its way to success. Of course be prepared to burn through your credit card.  Partying in Vegas doesn’t come cheap.

Insider Tip:  Best to know one of the VIP Hosts in the club who can hook you up with good deals.  Be nice to them and tip them well.  They’ll be your best friend again, well at least when you get your divorce.  Here’s to hoping you don’t get one!

                     If you wanna get into clubs without a table , make sure you round up your hot friends (the female kind).  Security will most likely be more lenient.   You also have the option of slipping the bouncer $20 discreetly to cut the line. Otherwise try to get another group of guys to share a table to save on costs.  It’s always better to have a table if you’re doing a Bachelor’s. 


The Spanish really know how to party.  They party so hard in fact, that they party 4 months straight  24/7 .  Ok that’s an (slight) exaggeration.  But the whole dance community converges on this little island off Spain from June to September where the summer sun blasts as hot & hard as the speakers in the top clubs of the world. Then everyone flies off like migratory birds when winter hits.   A Bachelor’s Party will cost the same as Vegas here but with a more European vibe and feel.  The clubs gather some of the most  beautiful European women so it won’t disappoint

Insider Tip: Everyones’s in Ibiza for one reason.  TO PARTY.  Full stop.

Never buy ANYTHING off the street or take any free drinks.  If you want to get discounts on entry to clubs, there’s bunch of resellers near SPACE & USHUAIA that sell entrance tickets to all the major clubs & parties at a slight discount.  Make sure to check that they’re legit resellers.

Get a balcony view room at USHUAIA for a sure fire awesome Bachelor’s Party with an equally awesome view of the best party on the island.  They don’t call it the hotel that never sleeps for nothing.  Bonus tip: Bring in drinks if you’re trying to save and drink it in your room.  You cheapskate!:)


The only European country out there that won’t break your wallet.  The exchange rate here is one of the best in Europe, but doesn’t disappoint with having some of the most beautiful women and nightlife.

Insider Tip:  Check out the famous Darling Cabaret for some good clean Cabaret fun 😉


Someone once made a stupid joke about the origin of the name Bang-kok, and legend has it, that’s why it became a favorite Bachelor’s Party destination.  If you didn’t get that joke im sure you’re not one of them white boys trying to find a wife in Asia.  Not only do western people love this place for it being exotic, but movies like HANGOVER 2 has made it legend-dary for guys getting married and their entourage.

Insider Tip: If it’s too good to be true, it’s probably because it’s really too good to be true.  Don’t risk waking up the next day beside Larry just coz you heard Lani.  #ladyboyland


“Manila is the party capital of Southeast Asia” is a bold statement, but you can ask anyone who’s been there and they’ll be the first to tell you that this is true.  Filipinos in good times or bad, just know how to party, making it a bachelor’s party paradise.  Let’s run down why.  Beautiful party beaches of different flavor, some of biggest and best nightclubs & parties in Asia , some of the most beautiful women in the world, friendly English speaking friendly people, oh and did we mention some of the most beautiful women in this planet?  For western bachelor party hunters – the options include your favorite thematic KTVs (choose from Star wars, University, Disney’s Alladin, to Air Force One themed establishments).  Then there’s also Angeles City which is just an hour and half away from Manila.  A caucasian favorite.

Insider Fact:The Philippiness because of it’s long history of first settlers and colonizer is a melting pot of different races from spanish, malay, chinese,american and japanese. All this = winning formula! Winning most the world’s prestigious beauty pageants is no accident

Local motel chain Victoria Court also now offers specially themed party rooms like The Matrix, 50 Shades of Grey and the Oval Office , to create your own special bachelor party adventures

victoria court oval office

The Oval Office themed room at Victoria Court is a favorite for stag parties. Gives new meaning to POTUS


They don’t say the Germans are kinky for nothing.  From busses that have a DJ’s booth and a stripper pole to sodo-masochistic clubs around town, to the legendary den of debauchery – Berghain (if you can actually get in , if not wait for 3 hours), well you have your whole itinerary planned out.   European women are more independent so bottle service wont catch their attention.  Be upfront with them and who knows you may end up with a bathroom quickie somewhere.  Ofcourse assuming , hopefully youre not the groom.  FKK Sauna clubs are the way to go.  Oh did we forget to mention that the beer is A-MA-ZING!

Insider Tip:  Read up on all the places you’re going to , so as not to act like complete idiots and inappropriate.  The last thing you want is your group getting kicked out or worse smacked around by some German bouncers for being drunk and rude.


There’s a reason why it’s just a few minutes away from Hong Kong.   Bucks arriving for the festivities can go have dinner and party in Hong Kong and then jump onto a 55-minute ferry ride and head over to Macau for an experience like no other.   The key to any bachelors party is discretion,  and Macau lives up to this creed.  With a bevy of international girls, its an inebriator’s paradise with it’s selection of some of the top clubs like Cubic & Pacha.  Did we mention that China’s right beside Russia?

Insider Tip: Save time. There’s a direct Ferry from the Hong Kong airport to Macau and back.


Hidden behind secret doors (look for the Emergency Exit sign) at the lobby lies a separate building that houses some of the most luxurious and breathtaking suites (check out the Michael Jackson suite) perfect for any bachelor’s party.   Complete with a private KTV (Karaoke Room), Jacuzzi, Massage Bed, Dry Sauna, Living Room, and Walk-in closet, you and your mates are guaranteed to have an amazing time bonding!


Affordable… no correction…cheap private villas with pools.  What don’t you not see here?  This plus tons of foreigners (with alot of Australians) all out to have a good time in paradise.  You and your mates are in for a treat as the local girls are very beautiful as well and very friendly and hospitable.  All this is a formula for a great send off from singlehood.  Bali is one of the few parts of Indonesia that’s not Muslim dominated , so drinking and partying is not illegal (well for now at least).

Insider Tip: Kuta & Seminyak are the areas where the magic happens.   For a crazy night out we recommend SkyGarden that has a multi- floor/room club that dishes out any kind of dance music you can imagine.  Here you’ll see travellers from all walks of the world.  Jenja on the other hand is a classier spot that attracts a more affluent crowd predominatly Indonesians and Asians.


One place that’s underrated for these occasions is Vienna Austria, not only is the nightlife getting vibrant but specifically in a place called Golden Time things are getting steamy.  Well afterall, it’s a men’s sauna. Like a real one! Reports on the ground have confirmed that this is a Bachelor’s paradise without breaking the bank.  There’s an eat all you can buffet and free-flow on non-alcoholic drinks.  So time to visit the buffet table boys!

Insider Tip: You can stay the whole day in Golden Time and have a golden time for 12 hours.  So that might save you on some hotel bills.