Known for his breathtaking images of probably some of the most majestic sites in the world, such as The Himalayas and Annapurna in Nepal, Javi Cang is the perfect example of a bona fide explorer; someone who conquers the great outdoors and climbs the tallest mountains to connect to the world—not to disconnect from it—more deeply. His adventures, mostly, if not all, outdoors, are discernibly inspired by his brother, Carlos Cang, who has recently passed, and whom he used to go on many trips together and speaks very fondly of in his travel stories. Despite his loss, the 26-year-old banker continues to soldier on, climbing more mountains and dedicating each new experience to his beloved best friend.

We can’t help but be moved by this adventurer’s inspiring story, and be amazed by his passion for life and quest to explore the world, one sea of clouds at a time, so here’s a roundup of some of our favorite travel photographs taken by Javi himself:

1. Mt. Agung, Bali, Indonesia

2. Kanlaon Volcano, Bacolod, Philippines

3. The Himalayas

4. The Himalayas

5. The Himalayas

6. Batad, Ifugao, Philippines

7. Zambales Province, Philippines


8. Mt. Sefton, New Zealand

9. South Island, New Zealand

10. Mount Cook National Park, New Zealand

11. Roys Peak, New Zealand

12. Annapurna South, Nepal

13. Batanes, Philippines

14. Mt. Fuji, Japan

15. Mt. Fuji, Japan

16. Mt. Ulap, Benguet, Philippines

17. Mayon Volcano, Bicol, Philippines

18. Lombok, Indonesia

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