As 2018 is nearing its end, we can’t help but daydream about our travels for the new year. Everyone may be listing their new year’s resolutions and goals but as a true blue wanderer we can’t help but start listing our travel dreams. As Christmas season goes, we know that with the festivities and the Q4 slowdown, comes the bonuses too! Now where should we spend this money? Of course, saving and investing is no question, but as a real modern nomad, you gotta set aside a portion of your hard-earned coins for travel because it’s really what we live for, right folks?

The good news: there are tons of budget-friendly destinations that you can travel to this new year! Feed that wandering soul with a new destination this 2019. We list down 12 budget destinations and suggest on which month it’s perfect for you to go – so you can plan out your year and where you want to go:

January: Sagada, Mountain Province, Philippines

Let’s start with a local destination that can be traveled to via land. Sagada is located in the mountain provinces up in Northern Luzon. It’s a long ride up though—around five to six hours more from Baguio—but it will be worth it. January is the perfect month to go because of the extra cold weather you will only experience up in the mountains. Temperature can go as low as three to four degrees celsius! So remember to bring an extra thick jacket to survive the cold. If you’re a traveler that doesn’t mind roughing it out, this will be the place for you—you can camp out, hike and get down and dirty seeing all these eerie and unique attractions. Activities in Sagada include checking out the Igorots’ infamous hanging coffins, Sumaguing Cave and Mt. Kiltepan where you can feel like you’re above the clouds while watching the sunrise.

February: Hanoi, Vietnam

Feed your wandering soul some more in February by traveling to Hanoi, Vietnam. If you enjoy immersing yourself in the traditions and culture of every place you visit, you should give Hanoi a shot. You will experience the authentic taste of Vietnam not only in the food, but in the place itself. Speaking of food, this city is perfect for the foodie in you—streets filled with food stalls are everywhere in Hanoi. Food adventures aside, you can also explore Ninh Binh where you can bike through the rice fields, see some caves and enjoy some fresh air.  

March: Bacolod, Philippines

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Before the summer season rolls in and we all go on our attempts to get a fit body (LOL), take a trip to Bacolod in the Visayas region—it’s another foodie haven you will go crazy for (Check out our CVMN Eats: Bacolod Edition here for some of our top suggestions). A trip filled with their famous Chicken Inasal, Napoleones and Piaya? Count us in! More than just going on a food crawl, though, there are lots of cultural activities you can enjoy in this city like visiting the Ruins to learn more about Philippine history, and making your way to Lakawon Beach Resort and Spa, where you can find Tawhai Floating Bar, only the biggest floating bar in Asia, that serves some badass cocktails in the middle of the great blue sea.

April: Osaka, Japan

Spring season rolls in Osaka, Japan! Enjoy some cool breeze, fresh sushi and scenic views in April 2019. There are a lot of talk that everything is expensive in Japan, but again, researching and planning your itinerary carefully can help you plan a budget-friendly trip that’s still a lot of fun! Go on a food trip in Osaka, visit sights like the Osaka Castle and Sakishima Observatory, and party it out in Dōtonbori (where you can also take that photo by the Glico billboard for the ‘gram).

May: Samar, Eastern Visayas, Philippines

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Let’s go back to the Visayas region and enjoy some beach time in May. Samar is the third largest island in the Philippines—here you can find Calicoan beach, Sohoton Caves and the massive Lulugayan Falls. Not so much on the radar of many tourists so you won’t find yourself in a crowded place. Adventure and some peace and quiet await you here! So start your summer adventure right in this getaway.

June: Bali, Indonesia

Traveling with your homies? Bali is a cool place to have some quality bonding time. And it can get cheaper too, the more you are in the trip. Villas don’t cost much, so enjoy a luxurious accomodation without breaking bank. There are many beaches around, too, for your sun and water time—all for free. Immerse yourself in Balinese culture by visiting a few of the historical sights like Ubud Palace and Mount Lempuyang that you can actually see for free. Touristy activities and whatever you want to do—you can definitely do on a budget in Bali.

July: Karpathos, Greece

Have you been wanting to travel to Greece? Avoid the pricey setup of Mykonos and Santorini and go straight to Karpathos! You will still get the same vibe as the more popular areas in the country but still stay on a budget. You can get the best of both worlds of this Mediterranean country by getting a glimpse of traditional Greece in the town of Olympos and the modern side at Pigadia. You can still lounge in their many beautiful beaches and have a bunch of water sports available for tourists. You will experience quality and authentic Greek cuisine in this underrated destination.

August: Mexico, North America

A fun Mexican adventure is what you’ll get in Oaxaca. If you are into architecture and arts, you will fall in love with this place. You will find yourself in cool cafés where you will enjoy your time just people watching and experiencing the vibrant vibe of Mexico. Take a stroll through the colorful markets, shop for some local goods and eat good tortillas! Looking for more adventure? There are tours you can take to see some water springs and waterfalls at Hierve el Agua. Not so much a tourist trap just yet, so you can definitely plan a budget trip here.

September: Bangkok, Thailand

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If you don’t mind spending your days in night markets and, well, also day markets, then Bangkok will be a blast for you! Walk through the streets of Siam and find yourself looking through rows and rows of stalls filled with food, clothes, and other things like small, wooden trinkets you might want for your bedside table or coffee table? You won’t feel guilty by eating a bunch of food too because you’ll basically walk everywhere—so don’t forget to wear your comfiest sneakers. If you’re going backpacking, then Bangkok definitely has to be in your list because it’s every backpacker’s dream: cheap food (see our BKK Food Crawl here), shopping and even tourist attractions—if you’re into checking our grand temples and the like.

October: Lima, Peru

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If you think that Machu Picchu is something you just see on the Internet, then you’re wrong. You may think that such a trip might not fit your travel budget, but if you’re looking to upgrade your overseas adventures, you’ve got plenty of time to save up for this South American destination since this is towards the end of the year. Not only will you get to see the dreamy Incan city, you will experience a whole new culture there too. If you love to surf, they’ve got a lot of great surf spots and beaches like Máncora or Huanchaco. Feast on local delicacies and party the local way for that authentic Peruvian experience. Ready those backpacks and give it a go!

November: Marrakech, Morocco

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Feed your soul with more cultural knowledge at one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, Morocco. Every corner is picture perfect, so you might want to bring your fancy cameras because if you’re traveling with your bae, she will definitely want some A+ photos! Aside from the streets, that basically feel like you are wandering through a museum, you can visit the Yves Saint Laurent museum and Majorelle Garden. Treat your palates with great spices and dishes from the market and just over all enjoy this wonderful South African destination.

December: Jeju Island, Korea

If you’re looking to spend Christmas differently, and in cold weather, why not check out Jeju Island? If you’re a Philippine passport holder, flying direct to the island actually won’t require you a visa—what a steal, right?! This is also perfect for adventurous travelers because Jeju is filled with mountains to hike (yes, even in the winter), like the Hallasan Mountain. Get lost in Maze Land or visit Ecoland Theme Park, you will find every spot picturesque and dreamlike. And who doesn’t love some Korean food right? Authentic Jeju flavors will welcome you—with shots of Soju on the side! You will enjoy your December travel here.

So start listing these places down that 2019 planner, search for your flights and plan a budget-friendly itinerary and have an adventure-filled new year! Any other dream destinations for 2019? Share it to us below!

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