The snow has melted away and gone are the days of dropping temperatures. Now the warm sun—but still with a cool breeze—is here. It’s finally spring! We all know that as Cavemen, any season is a perfect time to go on an adventure. But with every season, there are key destinations to visit to get the utmost experience in a certain country. Flowers are starting to bloom again and the surroundings are more vividly colorful than ever—and we all know that this is the picture-perfect setting for a dreamy getaway with your lover (or potential lover). We list down six dream destinations that should be in your bucket list.

Paris, France

We all know that Paris is a dream destination for travelers all year round, but it gets extra dreamy in the spring. You can stroll around various parks in the city, get some fresh air and just enjoy the gorgeous surroundings. And because of the excellent weather during this time of the year, it’s always enjoyable to do the simplest activities like chilling at an outdoor café, drinking quality coffee and reading a book, or just people watching. Everything is more beautiful in Paris, after all—and even better if you’re exploring it with a chick by your side.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Photo courtesy of Michael Cisneros on Flickr

Amsterdam is just a fun and eclectic city to visit, not to mention absurdly photogenic, and even more so during spring! The tulips are in full bloom which makes the city look extra vibrant. They also celebrate Kings Day during this season, so expect a lot of events in the area—from little pop-up concerts to a whole lot of partying. And if you’re a caveman who likes to party, don’t forget to try a special liquor called Oranjebitter to celebrate like a local!

Taipei, Taiwan

Photo courtesy of Allison Abroad

We bet a lot of you were expecting to see Tokyo or Osaka in a spring story, and while it’s a famous tourist spot especially during this season, there are tons of other cities that are equally abundant with spring blossoms, like Seoul or Taipei. Yangmingshan is a national park in the northern area of Taipei that you can visit via the R5, S15 or S17 bus towards Yangmingshan Station. The park is filled with cherry blossoms, so if you’re traveling with your lady who loves to take photographs for the gram, then this is the perfect place for that spring getaway. After visiting the park, you can enjoy the cool weather in the city while eating delicious street food, café-hopping and doing more sight-seeing. Check out our 48 Hours story on Taipei to see what else you can do in the city!

Washington, DC

Photo courtesy of Ritz Carlton

The historical structures in Washington get framed by gorgeous cherry blossoms in the spring, and the sight is just breathtaking. The weather is not too hot and not too cold, just perfect enough to explore this amazing city. See the monuments, the White House and go on a little educational trip to the National Museum. A perfect spring destination for the geeky caveman in you.

Napa Valley, California

Spring is the perfect time to visit Napa Valley, it’s less crowded than it is during autumn when it’s harvest season but you will still get quality grapes and wine this time of year. If you’re the type of traveler who loves to relax, why not take a trip to here? Enjoy a hot-air balloon ride, get a relaxing massage and take some wine-tasting classes!

Chiang Mai, Thailand

The Thai’s new year falls in the spring season, so you know what that means—party! It is called the Songkran Festival, and it lasts for three days. Get ready to get wet because it’s a water festival, and people are just in the streets with water guns or hoses and it is just all around celebration. It is celebrated in the whole of Thailand, so if you want to visit a different part of the country, we’ve got more suggestions for you. But overall, Thailand is a must-visit for good food and good shopping.

What are you waiting for? Book those last-minute trips now and enjoy the spring season in these dreamy destinations!

While you stroll around in any of these cities, why not listen to an awesome springtime soundtrack we’ve curated for you? Stay tuned for more #CavemanTravelsSoundtracks in the coming weeks.

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