Heartbreaks… one of the most inevitable things in relationships. Everyone goes through it at least once in our life. We all cope with it in different ways too. Some get depressed for a while (very normal), some go on an intense fitness transformation for that “revenge body”, and for us nomads, we believe the best way to cure a broken heart is to travel, don’t we? And if you are simply single and want some time alone to “find yourself” (quarter-life crisis, I guess) and avoid the festivities this upcoming love month, the best thing to do is, you guessed it right—travel.

By embarking on a new adventure, you’ll have time to reflect, meditate and start your healing process all while seeing great sights, learning and experiencing new things, meeting new friends and a whole lot more! We’ve listed down eight places you should go to to do just that below:

San Juan, La Union

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San Juan, La Union has been a popular destination over the years and we’ve mentioned it in some of our roundups and featured it in our Budget Travel series previously. Team CVMN obviously loves this little surftown, and there is no question as to why many millennials have also grown to love the island. The community and the vibe of the place is very welcoming and that’s why it’s a great place to start when you want to do some solo traveling. You can hike to Tangadan Falls, eat your way through the various restaurants and surf some cool waves at the many spots in Elyu.

Siargao, Surigao

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Another CVMN favorite in the Philippines—as you probably know by now—is Siargao. Just a little bit off the coast of Surigao del Sur, this beautiful island is truly a must-see destination. If you are newly single and still mending that broken heart, Siargao is the best place to be. Leave your worries by surfing great waves, meet new people by joining group tours while seeing the different islands and party like you’ve never partied before.

Taipei, Taiwan

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When all your friends are traveling with their significant others and showing off their love adventures on social media, being single can suck and sometimes have you feelin’ slightly jealous. But solo travel is key! Get lost in a cool and hip city like Taipei—it will please the millennial in you, too, because of the hip boutiques, speciality coffee shops and underground speakeasies that you can find in every corner of the cirt. You won’t feel lonely and bored because of the numerous activities you can find yourself in in this bustling city.

Siem Reap, Cambodia

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It’s a right of passage to somewhat find yourself again after getting your heartbroken, right? Go somewhere rich in culture and feed your brain with knowledge in places like Cambodia. Go on a temple run (pun intended) and see how intricate the structures are and learn a thing or two about them. Maybe you can also feed your creativity by going on a Photography Tour and practice your craft.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Chiang Mai, located in Thailand, will give you everything you can find in Bangkok without the hustle and bustle in that city. Indulge in delicious street food, educate yourself about elephants and find a way to see and play with them (without the inhumane way of being entertained by them) and maybe you can learn how to cook some Thai cuisine and add a new skill to your repertoire!

New York, New York

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Self-love is the answer to a broken heart or being single for so long. Treat yourself and bring yourself to the Big Apple! Go see Times Square at night, stroll through Central Park and visit the Met. So what if those are the usual touristy things, you have to see them at least once, right? After doing just that go and explore for the best cup of coffee, eat good pizza and watch a broadway show!

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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If you think the best way to get over that broken heart is to party it out, then book that flight to Amsterdam! See what it’s all about by walking the famous red light district and drink all the beer you want. Aside from partying though, you will find Amsterdam very beautiful and would thoroughly enjoy your trip—if you’re not nursing your hangover, I guess.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

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Whether or not you are healing your heart or just wanting to treat yourself to a much-needed vacation, why not go to somewhere not too touristy? Go out of your comfort zone and explore a place that’s far from your homeland (if you’re from Asia), like Croatia. In Dubrovnik, you can find an activity for your kind of adventurer—if you love nature, there are hiking trails, if you love history and art, there are museums to go to, and if you are a beach bum, there are coastlines. And if you are a Game of Thrones fan, a bonus is you can do a GoT tour!

What place would you go to on this list? Tell us about it below!

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