Traveling with your lover always makes for a dreamy experience. You get to enjoy your time alone together, away from your little bubble and disconnected from the realities of life. And going on a trip with the person you adore gives you a chance to get to know them even more, in a way, it’s a test of your relationship.

But let’s face it, traveling with your girl also means you’re going to be her designated photographer for her Instagram. All the hours spent scouring cities and finding picturesque spots—adding an hour (or two) to get those perfect “layouts”—may be tiring, but if you’re doing it for the girl that you want to impress, then it’s worth it, right? Now it’s time for you to put in some work and plan that trip where you can showcase your #InstagramHusband skills to help her produce the dopest travel photos. Here are travel date spots and activities to impress the bae:

Strolling through the streets of Mykonos

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Mykonos is filled with rows and rows of perfect white towers with a view of the sparkling blue water, this alone is already picture perfect. Your girl will be excited to know you’ll be taking her to this place—all the floral outfits she can pack, she will and every corner is a perfect opportunity for you to take a snap of her.

Caveman Tip: Stroll around and you will find hints of colors from pastel-hued doors and windows, and the season’s flower blooms will be the perfect accent to the photo.

Shopping in the markets of Morocco

Photo courtesy of @taramilktea on Instagram

A city that is full of culture and new adventures is a perfect vacation for you and your bae, especially if you’re both avid travelers. Document your trip with a video or snapshots because this city will have you falling in love with its colorful markets, cream-colored buildings, and intricate detail and design. Immerse yourself in the history of the place and a plus will be the Instagrammable photos you will take.

Caveman Tip: Markets sell and display a lot of colorful lamps, spices, plates and the like that will be the best background for your girl’s ‘gram!

Hot-air balloon date in Cappadocia

Cappadocia is a UNESCO World Heritage site that you should have in your bucket list whether you’re going with your girlfriend or not—but of course choosing this Turkish hotspot to travel with your lover to would make for an uber romantic trip as it is absolutely dream-like. And the most magical activity that will scream #InstagramGoals is their famous hot air balloon ride—an early morning call time to witness the sunrise, up in the air—it just can’t get any better than this.

Caveman Tip: A photo of your lady at the viewing point with the hot air balloons floating in the background is your money shot!

Taking in nature’s wonders in Batanes

An island at the northern tip of the Philippines is the perfect destination if you and your wifey just want to get away from the bustling rush of the city. Expect fresh air, lands and lands of green grass and a friendly community to welcome you right when you get to Batanes! It’s still an untouched beauty that will make you want to document every minute of your trip.

Caveman Tip: Take that golden shot at the Basco Lighthouse!

Historical tour in Vigan

Photo courtesy of @solenn on Instagram

If you’re a couple who loves to learn new things while traveling, head up north of Manila to Vigan! Take a historical walking tour and learn more about this UNESCO World Heritage site and enjoy the old-town vibes this city brings.

Caveman Tip: Vigan has remained the same with its Spanish-style streets, so we recommend taking candid snapshots of your lady while she’s walking and taking in the sites.

Dining in hip restaurants in Bali

Photo courtesy of @laureenmuy on Instagram

Beach trips, food trips and tropical adventures… if any of these is your thing as a couple, then plan that getaway to Bali. Hop around to the different beaches, eat good food and try out the Ubud Bali Swing! Everything in Bali is basically a postcard view, even the restaurants and cafés, so you and your lady will enjoy for sure.

Caveman Tip: Eat and have drinks at Motel Mexicola, the colors and quirkiness of the place will have your girl striking a pose in every spot for the ‘gram.

Island hopping in Maldives

Photo courtesy of @meganbata on Instagram

Honeymoon? Or simply a romantic and relaxing getaway with the love of your life? Take her to Maldives. Clear blue waters, top-notch resorts and just the two of you sound like an excellent idea. Plan romantic dinners by the shore, go island hopping and take gorgeous photos of each other and just have a chill time in this paradise.

Caveman Tip: Book a resort with a private beach so that the whole place will be somewhat secluded and there will be no one to photobomb her photo.

Rooftop viewing in Jodhpur, India

Photo courtesy of @shaymitchell on Instagram

A country with such rich culture and breathtaking sites, India won’t usually be at the top of the list of Asian countries you will visit, but it should be now. Immerse yourself in the Indian culture, eat their famous cuisines, dress in color and enjoy your stay!

Caveman Tip: Strolling through the Indian streets, you will catch colorful door backdrops that’s perfect for her layouts. Make it a point to shoot against the city skyline too—instead of buildings, rows and rows of concrete towers and houses that are satisfyingly and oddly aligned will be excellent for the feed.

Be a certified #InstagramHusband when you plan trips to any of these places, especially if your girl is obsessed with having that cool aesthetic for her feed. These places will definitely impress her, but more than that, you two will surely enjoy the activities and tours these countries offer as well.

Any other cities in mind that’s perfect for this list? Discuss in the comments below.

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