In Bangkok, Thailand’s capital, you will usually frequent the Siam area for shopping or farther areas to see the temples, but Ari Neighborhood, a block filled with street vendors, small food shacks, cafés and pastry shops, boutiques, and everything hip and young, is that underrated spot you will want to check out. Here you will see a more laid-back and modern Bangkok—it shows how there is a “hipster” culture in Thailand as well, and it’s not frequented that much by tourists so you can experience a little bit of their everyday life in this area.

How to get here: It’s simple. Take the BTS, and get off at the Ari station, you will be right at the start of the block. Literally once you step out, to your right is a small and narrow street where you can start exploring the area. You will be greeted with a sight of food stalls with authentic Thai food to your right, and to your left you will stumble upon Bangkok Espresso Bar, a quaint café with really good and cheap coffee! Grab a cup for that much-needed fix before going around.

As you walk around the block, you will see rows and rows of street food vendors and rich-colored doors that are actually pastry shops selling scones, donuts, and many more.

You will also see boutiques that sell local brands and some speciality shops with on-point branding and will instantly give you hipster vibes.

Unfortunately, the rain started to pour halfway, so we went to the nearest restaurant that looked good to us and it ended up to be a Korean restaurant. As you walk around Ari, you will notice that this hipster street caters to different cultures and cuisines, which is an awesome thing.

There are many more things to see in this area, like co-working spaces, board game cafés and the like. So if you’re heading to Bangkok anytime soon, don’t forget to include a visit to Ari Neighborhood in your itinerary. You won’t regret spending a few hours just exploring through the blocks.

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Any “secret” spots in Bangkok you know of? Share them below!

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