We already know Boracay is famous for its gorgeous sunsets and white sands, but did you know that there are more reasons to check out the best island in the world of 2016 in April/May? LaBoracay, a term coined by Filipinos which means Labor Day (weekend) in Boracay, is when the entire island—well, not entirely but most of it—becomes a big outdoor party destination, and if you’re looking for the ultimate tropical escapade this time of the year, I’m telling you, it’s this one. However, if you’re looking for a peaceful and quiet beach getaway, trust me when I say going to Boracay during Labor Day weekend is not a good idea.

Scroll down to know why you should be in Boracay during Labor Day Weekend:

1. Everyone in Manila is on the island

Tryna find my way back home to u

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It’s that time of the year when Manila’s cool crew is out of the city and on the island.

2. Beach babes

Ahh, the baes. ‘Nuff said.

3. International DJs come to perform


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You know it’s LaBoracay when world-class DJs such as Steve Aoki, Quintino and Zedd hit Boracay Island for beach festivals that take place during the Labor Day weekend.

4. Endless parties

Walwal moment… di masama for last night workation…#GlobeBoracay #GlobeSunkissed #HeatItUp

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Parties are nonstop during the LaBoracay season. This is when everyone who comes to Boracay for parties is asleep during the day a.k.a. hiding and recovering in their hotel rooms and wide awake at night. If you end up in Boracay during Labor Day weekend next year, you’ll find yourself witnessing the sunrise on the way back to your hotel and starting your day at sunset. Ironic, isn’t it? (Tip: catch the sunset while having drinks at Spider House, Diniwid Beach!)

5. Overflowing booze

What would be a party without the booze? During LaBoracay, the drinks are truly overflowing. Better prepare your mind and body for all the hangovers you’ll have to deal with all weekend long.

Fun fact: any LaBoracay trip is not complete without doing the 15 Shots Challenge at Cocomangas Shooters Bar—the perfect pregame for you and the boys!

BONUS: Massage by the beach

Because who doesn’t want a relaxing massage by the beach?

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