A break from the city and #adulting, and just enjoying peace and quiet sound ideal when you’re working hard day to night. In the northeastern part of Iloilo, Philippines, a little off the coast of Estancia and Carles town, are the Islands of Giants or popularly known as Islas de Gigantes. Over the years, this has become the place to be for locals and tourists alike, as they want to see what everyone has been raving about. The clear blue waters, many islands to visit, fresh seafood and the charm that it gives being an off-the-grid location.

How To Get There?

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From Manila, book a flight to Roxas City, Capiz. The flight will take you an hour and 10 minutes. Once you land and have exited the airport, take a tricycle to the Ceres Bus Terminal and take a bus or van to Estancia Terminal. This will take you another two hours. From the Estancia terminal, take another tricycle to Estancia Port where you will board a passenger boat to the destination! The boat ride will be approximately two hours and does only one trip every day at 1PM (it’s important that you take note of this). So make sure to book your flights early in the morning to reach that daily trip to Islas De Gigantes.

Where To Stay?

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Cabugao Gamay Island, one of the many tiny islands in Islas De Gigantes, offers tent-style accommodations via the Maruja Flora’s Island Paradise resort. It’s safe to say this spot was made for travelers who really want to go off the grid and do a real detox. Away from the city, disconnected from social media and sleeping with the sound of the waves. Sounds pretty amazing, right?

When To Go?

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Plan your trip within the months of December to May, that way you will avoid the rainy season in the Philippines. Less chances of delayed flights and canceled boat trips!

What To Expect?

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You can definitely expect clear waters and fine white sand in all the islands in Islas De Gigantes. There are 10 tiny islands you can explore namely Cabugao Gamay, Cabugay Daku, Balbagon, Waydahun, Bulubadiang, Bantigue, Gigantillo, Gakitgakit, Gigantona and Ojatras. There is little to no signal, so you will really have to commit to forgetting about your responsibilities and just fully relax and enjoy your vacation.

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Electricity is only available at night; you don’t have to worry about sleeping with no fan or whatnot. For food, expect lots and lots of scallops as that is one of the main product the locals sell. You won’t believe this: scallops are sold for PHP 1 per piece, but you have to buy a minimum of PHP 100 (less than $2!). That’s 100 scallops to devour! Yum.

As mentioned above, Islas de Gigantes has become popular over the years, but despite the rise in tourism in this hot Philippine destination, their islands have remained pure and clean. And we can only hope it stays just like that as it continues to get discovered by more and more travelers. This breathtaking group of islands is a tiny safe haven for those who want to get away from the bustling city for a few days.

Have you been to Islas De Gigantes? Any tips or stories to share? Comment below!

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