Between catching flights and exploring your newest travel destination, it’s totally understandable to find that you lack time to get a proper workout. Though we’ve got some tips to help you break a quick sweat whilst on the go, if you’re looking to up your commitment to an active and healthy lifestyle, we gotchu.

Instead of making time for your usual blood-pumpers, there are many spots in the Philippines (and neighboring countries) where the exercise ~is~ in the spotlight. Read on and try these on for size.

Get your heart racing in Subic

Because of its proximity to the sea, Subic has become a tourist favorite. But this former American base offers more than just sand and sea. Due to its excitingly challenging terrain, Subic has become home to running and multisport events, foremost of which is the Ironman triathlon, cultivating the concept of “sports tourism.” If you’re feeling particularly invincible, take your pick among the varied races offered: cycling, swimming, running,  relay races, short course and multisport triathlons.

Touch the clouds in Mt. Pulag, Benguet

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If watching the sunrise is on your bucket list, kick it up a notch by seeing one at the top of the world. One of the most famous mountains in the country, Mt. Pulag attracts a lot of climbers both for its majesty and beauty as well as its challenging trails. Several trails lead the way to its summit, but if it’s your first time, the Ambangeg trail should be your path up. Not only have you worked every muscle in your body, but you’re sure to be rewarded with a sight most breathtaking.

Discover hidden wonders in Bohol

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A particular red-headed mermaid once sang, “How many wonders can one cavern hold?” Panglao Island, located in the home of the Chocolate Hills, provides explorers with an answer to this question with the Hinagdanan Cave. “Hinagdanan” is a Cebuano word meaning “laddered” and it is this that lends the cave its name. A farmer came by it whilst clearing his land and upon discovering the cave that lay below, built a ladder to reach this virgin beauty. Flex those calf muscles and those hamstrings while navigating your way across the rocky terrain—don’t miss a step while admiring the stalagmites and stalactites that sprout from the ceiling and the ground.

See the world down below in Malaysia

Dive into the blue at Barracuda’s Point in Malaysian island, Sipadan, which lies bounded on all sides by the Sulawesi Sea. A dream dive site for many, test your strength by moving with the water with diving gear strapped on, while witnessing magic in the marine seas. Commune with the corals and fish, as Sulawesi boasts over 3,000 species.

Ride monster waves in Mentawai, Indonesia

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Get your surfboards and wetsuits ready for some core-strengthening surfing at Lance’s Right in Mentawai, Indonesia. The mind-blowing combo of palm trees, clear waters, and class A waves is just paradise for anyone with a surfer’s soul.

Bro-tip: check out the rolling waves at Calicoan Island, Eastern Samar’s gem. We have a few slots left for our August 1-4 trip!

Bro-tip: if you want something closer to home, try out deep-sea diving at Anilao via iDive X.

Up your wakeboard game in Siargao

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Journey to the island hailed one of the best in the world for some adrenaline-inducing wakeboarding. This water sport is quickly gaining popularity alongside surfing and diving, and Siargao Wakepark allows you to experience this on a lake bounded by palm trees. Not only is it easy to learn, but it’s a great way to build your strength in your leg muscles, improve flexibility, owing to the many jumps and turns you’ll have to make.

Find your center at Bahay Kalipay, Palawan

If by chance, you’re not one for extreme or majorly active sports, you can find peace at Bahay Kalipay (which directly translates to “House of Happiness”), a raw food and yoga retreat house in Palawan. They offer several programs which include Wellness Yoga and a Deep Nature Cleanse. You’ll be leaving with nothing but love and light after a short visit to this peaceful haven.  

Though we know that exercise is key to a healthy and happy lifestyle, pack your bags and climb outside the box with these inventive ways to stay fit.

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