If you’re looking for another destination in the Philippines that is untouched, underrated and unique, then Calaguas is calling you. Located in Camarines Norte, this group of islands with white sand and beautiful scenery is a long trip down South Luzon that is absolutely worth it once you step foot in this one-of-a-kind paradise. You won’t be restricted to just the usual lying around at the beach or your go-to activity, island hopping—here you can also go on treks and see different waterfalls. In this latest edition of Off the Grid, we invite you to go off the grid again for a while and connect with nature in Calaguas. Wondering how to get there and what to do? Check out our short guide below:

How to Get There?

Getting to Calaguas can be a bit of a hassle, to be honest. It is a long journey but it will be worth it. You can choose to travel via land or via air. If you are up for a road trip, you can take the bus up south to Daet, Camarines Norte. Bus lines like Philtranco, Superlines and DLTB travel there from Pasay or Cubao. It is about an eight-hour bus ride; when you reach Daet you will need to go to the port which is around 15 minutes away from the terminal, then another two hours on a boat to get to the main island. If you choose to book a plane, you can get a flight to Naga. From there, you will need to travel to Daet for roughly two hours, then you also have to reach the port to take another two hours to travel via boat to the main island. It is a long road trip either way but if you’re up for some great adventure, might as well take that long trip to Calaguas!

Where to Stay?

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There are multiple choices when it comes to where to stay. Are you up to get down and dirty? You can rent a tent for just PHP 150-200 a night and camp by the beach! A great way to be one with nature so they say. If you’re that type of traveler who is luxurious and wants to get the best out of their vacation? You can opt to stay in Calaguas White Sand Resort, where you can book cabanas and room with some air-conditioning if that’s a must for you. If you’re somewhere in between being adventurous and comfort, Waling Waling Resort is just right for you. It’s good for groups too, so plan that all-boys trip soon!

When to Go?

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Best to go during the months of January to August. The earlier months of the year will have cool weather and maybe a better time to camp out. Towards August, the waters will be calmer which is better because of that two hour boat ride. Although, it will be hotter in temperature—the cool waters will help with that!

What To Expect?

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A group of islands of course, entails island hopping to Pinagtigasan Beach, Tinaga Beach, Sang-atan, and many more! Other than that you can surf in Bagasbas beach, visit some cool waterfalls like Saltahan and Palanas and go on a spelunking adventure in Mt. Cadig Cave. There are a bunch of neighboring islands too that you can easily visit from Calaguas like Caramoan.

So if you’re itching for one more adventure this new year, plan your Calaguas trip now. Whether or not you go solo, a group or with your girl, you will surely enjoy this trip!

Have you been to Calaguas before? Share us some travel tips and your experiences below!

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