Once in awhile you encounter a life experience that sticks with you for a lifetime.  Enter Wonderfruit.  Although still in its infancy stage, the event was massive and had all the right elements to make a perfect 4-day weekend worth the trip from wherever you’re coming from.   Now on its 3rd year,  we predict Wonderfruit will blow up like the Tomorrowland and Burning Mans of the world within the next 2 years. Hopefully, it doesn’t lose it’s authentic and uncommercialized vibe.  We’d be selfish if we said…”let’s keep it our little secret”,  so instead here are the top 10 reasons for you to go check out the next Wonderfruit Festival.

  1. By going to the event you’re actually helping save the earth or at least getting this positive message across.  All trash bins are properly labeled for recycling, each special drink purchased equals to a mangrove tree planted (in the delta region of Myanmar to help CO2 absorption) and structures are built with sustainability in mind  … definitely a big, ” I love Earth!”, shout-out.

    The Farm stage is made of rice that will be given to the farmers after the event

  2. The venue is brilliant.  A rice field that compliments their environmental advocacy..it just fits. On top of that, they have secret parties in the middle of nowhere like this massive quarry in the middle of a forest.

    Lakes and Fields all around

    The Secret Quarry afterparty

    The Solar Stage was an artpiece, a stage, a bar, a chillout lounge, and more.

  3. The art installations are mind-blowing.  From psychedelic light & sound pieces to actual moving vehicle installations.  Whoever came up with all these creations were definitely on some good…I mean in some good mood;-)
  4. For all you spoiled hotel dwelling festival goers –  experience actual Camping, Glamping and Sleeping in an RV  in a Southeast Asian Festival… done properly.
  5. The sunsets are mesmerizing if not hypnotic.  The perfect backdrop for the daily sunset parties (of course) going on all around.  Shades of Mad Max Fury Road.
  6. The Music is amazing. If you hate EDM and everything about it, this is the perfect alternative.  The curation of genres, performers and DJs was brilliant.   Rudimental destroyed!

Young Fathers. Watch out for this break through artist soon. Trust us!

Everyone was waiting for the main act. Rudimental slayed the stage.












7. Good vibes all around.  It’s a happy commune of people from all over the world that on occasion share everything they have, from food, cigarettes, stories to …like literally “everything”;-).

Half of the Philippine contingent having a blast.



8. Great food! An amazing selection of food stalls all over the field to make sure you don’t get tired of eating the same thing every meal… from your Dean & Deluca’s to your authentic Thai and fusion cuisines to your healthy/organic alternatives.  Oh did I mention bugs &  crickets?

The Yakitori booth looked like a piece of art on its own.

It’s a bug’s life. Tastes like french fries!

9. It’s both inclusive and immersive.  From your weekend warriors to hippies to kids & moms to just any kind of person out there, there was just something for everyone.  Starting as early as 8 am they had inspirational workshops, yoga sessions, cooking classes and the list goes on and we’re not even talking about the parties yet.

10. And lastly…given all these 9 good things, it tops off with the fact that it won’t burn a hole in your pocket.  Travel, accommodations & tickets are at Asian price levels so versus going to similar festivals in Europe & the States, Wonderfruit is world-class and stands on its own, so you get to experience more for less.

To sum things up.  Wonderfruit is an experience that takes your soul and makes you high on life.  With an abundance of positive vibes all around and the feels,  don’t expect to rave like kids and rage like machines.  Take a bite out of this fruit made of love, hard work, and passion and hopefully see you in the next Wonderfruit.

Check out the Official Caveman Travels Wonderfruit 2017 Aftermovie 



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