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CVMN X is our way of sharing with you the destinations, food, and the people we love. Through CVMN X, you can experience the well-curated travel experiences we always write about. Explore our website and see which trip tugs at your adventurous heart strings. Whatever it is, book it with us, we promise to give you an amazing time.




Taal, Batangas, PH

A hike to what is believed to be a volcano within another volcano and an afternoon strolling through the streets of a heritage town.

Begin your Taala adventure with a horse ride up the Taal volcano. After lunch, drive to the heritage town of Taal to discover her little treasures and enjoy the local delicacies. Take as many photos with the beautiful old houses and make sure to devour the Filipino street food while you stroll around town. If you want more adventure, you can also spend the rest of the day in a near by water park! Yes, why not, go ahead and choose your own adventure



Manila, PH

A trip down memory lane in one of the Metro Manila’s oldest cities.

Let’s talk history and go back to where it all began. Your day begins in the walls of Intramuros on a bambook bike! Then visit the world’s oldest Chinatown for a unique walking lunch. It’s a history and cuisine lesson rolled all into one day.



Tagaytay, Cavite, PH

Spend the whole day in one of Luzon’s most popular weekend destinations.

Take a break from your Metro city tours and travel south to see what Tagaytay has to offer. Enjoy the most popular Filipino dishes that they have to offer. Relax in nature and experience the tradition Filipino massage, HIlot. Once you finish, you’ll ask yourself why you never did it sooner.



Calicoan Island, Eastern Samar, Philippines

The ultimate surfari adventure into the unknown wonders of Eastern Samar.

Gear up for an adventure-filled weekend. Discover Calicoan Island, a treasure off the southeastern point of Samar. Hike the jungles of the island to discover enchanting subterranean lakes and swim with stingless jellyfish. Learn to surf the most consistent surf spot of the Philippines with Paolo Soler as your guide. This will definitely be a weekend for the books!

Read more about this untouched beauty here.



Anilao, Batangas, PH

Take a dive and capture the magic of the deep blue through underwater camera lenses.

Take a dive into the waters of Anilao and learn the basics of underwater macro photography. Get a chance to capture and share moments only you would get to see. Your underwater mementos will be a tough one to top. We promise.

iDIVE X PADI (Advanced)


Anilao, Batangas, PH

An overnight escape for licensed divers who want to rediscover the beauty of the ocean.

This one’s for the beginner divers who want to deepen their love for the ocean. Dive the waters of Anilao, Batangas in our advance certification course. Enjoy this overnight trip with full-board resort accommodations. We’ll take care of your gears as well.

iDIVE X PADI (Open Water) Overnight


Anilao, Batangas, PH

An overnight diving certification course.

Jump start your dive adventures in a an overnight certification course in one of the most popular diving spots in Southeast Asia. Head over to Anilao, Batangas to begin your learning and experience the majesty of the deep. Train with best and become a certified PADI diver. You won’t regret this quick getaway.

iDIVE X PADI (Open Water)


Anilao, Batangas, PH

A 3-day dive adventure for beginners.

Begin your relationship with the deep in a 3-day journey to one of the most popular diving spots in Southeast Asia. Choose to start your practice in a pool in Manila or drive straight to Anilao, Batangas to begin your learning and experience the ocean high. Be trained by the best and become a certified PADI diver in just 3 days. We promise, you’ll love exploring the deep.



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