We live in a world where everything is fast, busy and instant. Technology has played a major role in upgrading the quality of life today—in just a few taps on your phone, you can book an Uber ride to take you from one place to another, order the latest Yeezys, heck, you can even score dates with girls by swiping right and getting matches on Tinder. If ever you find yourself in the middle of New York, Tokyo or Singapore—or any busy city, really—you’ll see that everyone exists to do the very opposite of staying still: moving. But why stay still, you say?

Why stay still, when you can explore the great big world out there? Why stay still, when you can do a million things at once? Enter travel. We travel to escape; to escape from reality or maybe, face the reality that we—so consumed by our day-to-day living—are stranded in our own bubble, and that we need to break free from it once in a while. They say life is all about balance, after all, and you owe it to yourself to create adventures for yourself—and never let them stop.

For Filipino singer-songwriter Rico Blanco, a known artist in the Southeast Asian region, it took over two decades of nonstop rock and roll—saying yes to all opportunities that came his way—before he realizing it was time to move on to a different kind of adventure. “I decided late last year to gig no more, or at most, just once in a super blue moon—far from the pace I had gotten used to for over two decades. A counterintuitive decision to humbly decline seemingly unending career blessings but contentment found me, and that is the biggest blessing of all,” he shares on his Instagram post about his comeback gig in 2017.

The Your Universe singer then jetted off to Europe, and made sure to update his 153,000+ followers with photos from the trip, using his very own hashtag, #AdventureNeverEverStops. This definitely caught our attention and got us all curious about the story behind it, so we hit up the music legend himself for a quick chat to tell us more about this “adventure” and could not be more pleased with what we learned. Stick around as we get to know the other side of Rico, whom were very thrilled to have as our newest correspondent for Caveman Travels.

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pls forgive my cheesy appreciation post but sometimes it takes me a moment to take in how absolutely blessed i am to end up in a dream like life i never even dreamed of. so im here sitting at the historic citadel in buda fucking pest. might be a plain touristic activity for some but i would not even believe it if someone went to 10-yr old me in pasig line st. sta ana manila, and told me all of this cool shit in my life was going to happen. for this i give so much props to the most loving, hard working parents anyone could ever have, to my siblings and clan who often believe in me more than i do in myself, and, more importantly, never doubt my intentions. they used to always show up in all my gigs big and small and now they wish me all the time to do the things ive always wanted to do but never had time for. they also ask me to post more photos – i am doing my best to comply ? so this goes out to you my dearest fam. i always always wish youre with me in my adventures ❤️ and to whoever is reading this (parang acceptance speech na ito ?) im hoping my posts entertain you somehow and if in some way my little adventures inspire you to hustle and dream, please, when you get there, pa inom ka naman ? #hashtagblessedmoment #RBadventureneverstops

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1. We’ve been seeing your #AdventureNeverEverStops series. What’s the story behind this?

I’m just trying to live the hell out of life—not only to its loudest volume, but also to its complete, well-rounded, quality potential. I’ve learned that sometimes, we need to know when to end one adventure to be able to begin a new one. And I’m not just talking about travel. Sure, the adventures can be found in places and points in time, but they can also be found in reflection and learning. There’s adventure in the grand and in the simple.

2. You recently traveled to Europe. What are the highlights of your trip?

It was my first time to move this quickly from country to country—6 cities, 9 flights and 1 multi-border train ride in 10 days, I think. Haha. Not my usual style; I prefer to stay at one spot for longer periods and really absorb everything. But these days, I’m having a kick out of escaping comfort zones so I went with my friends’ frenetic itinerary and was quite pleased with the results. It was a different experience for me where the commonalities and differences between places and cultures were more pronounced because of the speed at which we went around.

3. Prior to your recent Eurotrip, when was the last time you had visited to Europe and what were the changes you noticed?

A couple of years ago. I can’t really attribute change to the period that went by since I went to a different country then.

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4. Did you travel by yourself?

No, I was with some friends.

5. Do you like traveling solo?

Solo or with a group, it doesn’t really matter to me. Both are enjoyable. Going solo offers some level of flexibility and a different kind of adventure. I enjoy solo discovery. Can’t explain why but that’s how I’ve been ever since. I mean, I’d love to discover with companions too but I don’t want to be paralyzed by their schedules and plans, and I don’t like burdening others with mine.

6. Do you make your own travel playlist? If yes, can you share one with us?

On long flights, I have a few playlists on my Spotify account that I update regularly. Goodstuff Newstuff and Backyard Steady are two of my favorites. I also go OG once in a while with my ultimate new wave-alternative rock playlists. No clue why I’m doing it but I’m super nerding out on these playlists. They are pretty comprehensive and chronological from 1977 onwards. Working on part 4 as we speak. Once I’m in my destination, I like to listen to what the locals listen to. I always tell the cab/Uber drivers not to change the music for me.

Rico’s playlists will be up on Caveman Travels’ Spotify account soon.

7. Aisle or window seat?

Short flights, window. Long flights, aisle. I don’t want to bother others if I need to go to the loo. I don’t mind being bothered.

8. Do you try learning the basic words/language of every country you visit?

Of course. At the very minimum, how they say “cheers”.

9. What are your Caveman Travel essentials?

Lost and found and emergency info on your phone lock screen, passport, credit card, international ATM and a medicine kit.

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10. How do you make sure the adventure never ever stops?

Just be honest with yourself. There is a time to hustle with all your might and a time to follow your heart.

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