We’ve covered the benefits of traveling solo, and of course this doesn’t mean you can’t travel with a companion and not have fun at all. We all know there’s a different kind of thrill when you go backpacking by yourself, with a group of people, or with a travel buddy. But this particular entry is dedicated to all the Caveman Travelers out there who wish to go on adventures with their ladies, and want to know what it’s like to see the world with your woman by your side.

And so we reached out to Sebastien Gilbert—the other half of the duo behind Maldavar Films—who has been living the life making money out of going to foreign places, documenting dreamy travel videos and having a ball with his girlfriend, Janina Manipol.

Keep up as Caveman Travels learns that when you go on a trip with bae, you get to create just as much unique memories as you do traveling solo or with the dudes.

1. You call yourselves Maldavar Films. How did you come up with the name?

Maldavar is an imaginary world, someplace where everything is possible, maybe even a bit magical. Janina came up with the concept, which features one of my personal motto’s: “Keep looking at the world through the eyes of a child”. Everything around us can be magical if we decide to look at it with the right angle, so we found that concept fitted well with the type of content we want to create with Maldavar Films.

2. When did you guys start?

Maldavar Films has been running officially since last December 2016. But Janina and I started shooting and editing video many years ago already. Becoming a videographer is usually a long process with no shortcuts. You need to practice a lot, make mistakes, and learn from it.

3. How did you form the group and how many are you in the team?

At the moment, it’s purely Janina and I. Certainly the team will grow in the future. We initially met at an event I was covering, discussing about our common passion of making videos. Then we slowly developed the idea of putting our competences together and created Maldavar Films.

4. What is it like traveling and working with your girlfriend?

Me and Janina were lucky to have met at the right time, looking for the same thing at the same moment, both professionally and personally. Having an equal passion for video and creation we took the decision to start a business together, while connecting on a more personal level. You can hear here and there that working with your partner isn’t always the best decision but we didn’t overthink about it and decided to go for it, acknowledging that it came with risks. But both of us, being very grounded and aware of the implications, have been able to make it work very smoothly until now.

Work doesn't feel like work when you're with the right person ? @maldavarfilms #lovestarcruises #alwaysfamous

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5. Describe your style.

Fast and trippy. Joking aside, it really depends on the project, the mood of the moment, and the message we want to pass across. We do love fast edits with nice transitions, which is what many people like nowadays, but videos with slower pace can also be really attractive.

6. Where have you traveled so far and documented it for Maldavar?

Mostly around the Philippines but also Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan… with Maldavar being very young, we still have a long bucket list.

7. Tell us about your most extreme shooting experience.

Probably our documentary C9 about Surfing in Siargao. Videos do not always do justice to the real scale of the waves when you are in the water. It became really big during a set and swimming in there was a real challenge to stay safe and get good clips at the same time.

8. What’s the top five in your travel bucket list?

US West Coast road trip, Mongolia, Machu Picchu, New Zealand and Morocco.

9. What are the shooting equipment that you use when traveling?

Our Sony a7s, great camera to shoot at night also with low light. Gimbals to stabilize our shots. Those are the two most important, then tripods to create time lapses also, and of course, Kaiser, which is the name we gave to our drone.

10. Beach or city?

Give me both please, I would become too crazy if I stay too long in the city, and too bored if I stay too long at the beach. Life really is a question of balance.

11. Best travel memory?

Probably road tripping on the Australian Gold Coast. The feeling of freedom, the beautiful scenery along the way, the people you meet, the simple yet fulfilling van life… it’s an amazing experience I wish everyone could have at least once in their lifetime.

12. Do you have a travel playlist of your own?

We have mood playlists rather than a travel playlist, the tempo of a travel cannot always be the same it would be boring.

13. Any exciting projects coming up for the rest of the year?

Yes definitely, we have a few interesting projects already scheduled but our passion project we are currently working on is a road trip documentary around the West Coast of the US, where we would add daily vlogging to our more “classic” travel videos. We are currently discussing with brands and are open to more partnerships in order to create content based on this adventure.

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