The coffee culture in Asia has exploded over the last couple of years, and is only becoming more massive than ever (have you heard of Asian cat and dog cafés?).

We recently visited Taiwan for a quick start-of-the-summer getaway (check out our ‘48 Hours in Taipei’ story here), and this proved to be true. With all the coffee shops popping up in every corner of Taipei, it would be impossible not to spot one—and since traveling requires a lot of walking (and sometimes sprinting), a café break in between exploring the city is something travelers look forward to throughout the trip, and so we figured a roundup of the coolest cafés in Taipei would make for a good story. And who doesn’t love coffee, right?

So here we go—we give you 7 coffee shops that you should check out on your visit to Taipei:

1. Caffé Ruelle

Photo courtesy of @brianchin116

Located in Shilin District, Caffé Ruelle is known to many locals and foreigners in the area for its cozy and relaxed environment. Their coffee not only tastes excellent—it’s fairly priced too.

Caveman tip: Try their Charcoal Latte and Avocado Egg Panini while you’re at it! You can thank us later.

2. 黑鳥先生mr. black bird

Photo courtesy of @s951517120

Who wouldn’t not remember that black bird logo after having coffee here? Founded in 2014, 黑鳥先生mr. black bird is popular to coffee lovers for its unique concept, a shipshape little coffee place that boasts quirky art, coffee selection and delectable dishes—the perfect formula to capture the hearts of millennials.

3. The Lobby of Simple Kaffa

Photo courtesy of @beckyhsu.8

Okay, we didn’t get to try their Uji Matcha Cake Roll but we heard it’s da bomb! The Lobby of Simple Kaffa is actually quite tricky to spot (tip from Peko Peko Vicki: it’s in the alleys behind Zara Zhongxiao Dunhua, you gotta pay attention to the “Hotel V” banners, Simple Kaffa is right in the basement—you’ll see a garden/open space outside). The inside area of the café is actually not so spacious, and has a very homey vibe compared to its exteriors. Their coffee is spot on—I especially loved their Iced Americano.

4. Soul R. Café

From the name itself, you can tell the place is vegan—but you’d be surprised with the amount of people that come here to eat and have coffee. This café has a very intimate feel to it; perfect for a quick late-afternoon coffee date with your Tinder match. Ha.

5. Ueshima Coffee Lounge

It’s a hot summer afternoon, you’ve been sweating like crazy and you need to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city—and you happen to be going around Da’an District—just find Ueshima Coffee Lounge and your problem is solved. Great coffee selection (it’s UCC’s very own concept, so that’s a given), very spacious, and they’ve got great sandwiches, too!

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6. Bean Gang

Photo courtesy of @beangang

We love this feel-good café mainly for its Caveman-like and rustic interiors, and the fact that they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner aside from coffee and other drinks. If your itinerary takes you to the Jhihcheng Road, make sure to stop by Bean Gang along Yusheng Street (it’s located at the corner of the intersection, across 7-11).

7. Paper St. Coffee Company

Photo courtesy of @higracechang

Looking for the perfect hipster café with monochrome aesthetic and superb lighting for your Instagram photos? Paper St. is the answer. They’ve not only got awesome coffee but also a great location that allows for excellent sunset sighting. What more can you ask for?

Which one are you most looking forward to checking out when you visit Taipei? Tell us in the comments below!


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