Cebu, known as Queen City of the South, is a city in Visayas with a bustling economy and vibrant people. Its name comes from the word “sibu”, which means “to trade”, because its shores were once a prosperous hub for trade with neighboring Asian countries. It is a pivotal location in Philippine history, where the commencement of the 300-year Spaniard colonization took place. Today, Cebu is a sought-after tourist destination, with food being one of its main driving forces.

In this edition of Hungry Caveman, join us in exploring Cebu’s gastronomic offerings enjoyed by both locals and tourists alike:

1. Larsian Barbecue

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A cloud of smoke envelopes the vicinity of Larsian. It has the sweet aroma of grilled meat. A variety of stalls are situated side by side selling almost the same product: pork barbecue and rice wrapped in coconut leaves called pusó.

2. Casa Verde Baked Pork Ribs

Photo courtesy of Marinela Sintos on Flickr

Casa Verde has brought casual American dining to Cebu since 2002. Its name comes from its original location, which is an old grand Spanish-style house in midtown that is painted green. With more than a decade of its service, it has kept its food good and its prices reasonable. Brian’s Ribs, in honor of one of their family members, is its best-seller. It falls off the bone, with a sweet and tangy sauce. You’ve done good, Brian. You’ve done good.

3. Barangay Tisa Siomai

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Siomai is associated with Cantonese cuisine, with origins as far as Mongolia. But who would have thought that it would be a famous aspect of Cebu’s gastronomic culture? Barangay Tisa has a convergence of roadside stalls that sell the famed dumplings, and serves people from all walks of life til the wee hours.

4. CNT Lechon

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CNT Lechon is famed for being the quintessential Cebu lechon. With very affordable prices, customers can purchase the roast pig by the kilogram. Its skin glows dark golden brown, with tender white meat underneath. No need to dip in lechon sarsa, because it’s good enough with a little vinegar, or better yet, on its own.

5. Shamrock Otap

Before you leave Cebu, be sure to snag a pack or two of Shamrock’s otap. They are crispy pieces of puff pastry rolled and sliced into thin pieces, and speckled with granulated white sugar.

We hope you dudes get to try out our suggestions. And when you find yourself in Cebu, you don’t have to say, “Ambot!” If you’re looking for places to eat. We guarantee they are lami jud!

Have we missed anything? What’s your favorite Cebuano food? Let us know in the comments!

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