If you’re a veteran traveler, you probably already know the basics of packing light. We even talked about it here, but there are also items you shouldn’t forget to pack. You can leave your (extra) underwear behind, or your lucky shirt, but definitely not these essentials.

We consulted with travel doctors and nurses, as well as travel pros—who have traveled so much for work they admit they’re a little sick of it. You’re not gonna get sick of it anytime soon, but better be sure you don’t get sick from anything else while traveling, either.

Health Supplies

Here is a very detailed video of a health supply kit 

Keep some over-the-counter medications, band-aids, and betadine in a little emergency pack in your bag. Don’t just go asking “D’you have anything for headaches?” then discover you’re deathly allergic to somebody else’s go-to headache pills. We recommend paying your doc a visit before any big trip, but if you can’t—or won’t—it helps to anticipate common travel problems. Do you have motion sickness? Certain allergies? Digestive issues? Don’t just throw stuff in a bag then fly out like a buffoon.

Bro tip: If you do visit your doc, pack a doctor’s letter. It’ll help with going through security and with emergency refills.

Photocopied Documents

“Oh, I have them all on my phone,” is the immediate response. You can’t really depend on your phone 24/7 especially when battery stores don’t last for days on one charge like old phones used to. Photocopy passports, tickets, IDs, visas, travel documents, and when traveling with a partner keep copies of theirs as well, in case something happens. You never know!

Dopp Kit

Some business class flights provide these but if you’re not that much of a high-roller, you can make your own. Simply fill a small zip-up pouch with tiny, collapsible versions of your grooming essentials: a small toothbrush, toothpaste, dry shampoo (super helpful during long flights when you can’t afford to pay for a shower; just spray it on and go), and body wash. Those are the basics, and you won’t even have to buy them most of the time; hotel bathrooms are fully stocked with them. If you need some Dopp kit inspirations, we wrote about a modern man’s ultimate Dopp kit here.

Snack Bags

Pack those sturdy, zipped plastic bags for easy waterproofing and storage. You can keep watches, jewelry, gadgets, and documents protected separately. And of course, you can put travel-sized snacks in them—like those cereals that some hostels serve for “free breakfast.”

Hand Sanitizer

Photo courtesy of Bath & Body Works

You’ve seen them hanging on the bags of multiple aunts, grandmas, moms, sisters, and girlfriends. And they’re on to something—not all airport bathrooms have soap, and not all public toilets even have running water. You can buy small hand sanitizers in bulk—they even come in rubber keychains you can hang onto bag straps for easier access.

Bro tip: Win plus points for offering some to a pretty stranger in need.

What are your must-have travel essentials? Share them with us in the comments!

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