To travel is one thing. It helps form new bonds, strengthen old ones and lets you have a deeper understanding of who the person (or group of people) you’re traveling with are. To travel solo, however, is a completely different story. It takes courage, fervor and an intense desire to explore what’s out there, to be able to conquer an adventure in an unfamiliar place, all by yourself.

For us who love traveling alone, every adventure is an adventure of a lifetime. Whether it be commuting in a foreign city where nobody speaks a single English word and spending most of your trip literally getting lost, meeting ultra-friendly locals and being offered an apartment for free (I’ve still got the keys to my Hong Kong apartment until now) or getting sick in the middle of your trip and nursing yourself back to health, you always bring home with you tons of unique memories when you travel solo—the kind that you will never ever forget.

If you’re the kind of guy who enjoys traveling with your girl or bros but have been wanting to try going on a solo quest to “find yourself” and see the world on your own, consider yourself lucky for stumbling upon this. Here’s 5 awesome perks of traveling solo:

1. You get to do whatever you want.

this feeling, forever.

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Ahh, freedom. We all want it, but not everyone has the guts to go after it. Skydiving in Dubai? Salsa dancing with strangers in Puerto Rico? Traveling solo lets you have all the freedom that you wish for—just make sure you don’t go overboard and drain your bank account or end up in jail.

2. You control your time.

M O O D before my 16 hour flight ?

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Are you the type that likes to take his time getting ready, admiring the skyline view from the hotel room? Can’t let a travel moment pass without taking at least 50 shots of the same landscape? If you have companions with you, chances are, you won’t always see eye to eye when it comes to these things. You will feel limited with your time and sometimes, unproductive.

3. Less expenses to worry about.

It’s not about traveling with companions and having to pay for every single expense. Grown ups who travel together should manage their own budgets individually. It’s when you’re sometimes forced to say yes to certain things you normally wouldn’t spend for, should you be traveling solo. When you’re all alone, you only worry about the things you truly want to do and make the most out of every penny that you have with you.

4. Traveling solo forces you to interact with locals.

This is my favorite. Getting to know the locals of a certain town or city you’re visiting is a beautiful thing. You get to learn about their language, their culture and history, the best and hidden places to go to, must-try local dishes and so much more. If you’re lucky and meet the right people, you even become friends (or even go on dates) with them. When you’re traveling alone, you are forced to interact with the people around you—something nobody ever does anymore, especially when you’re so comfortable existing in one place that you don’t need to rely on other people.

5. You get to know yourself better.

When the only person you can count on is yourself and no one else, this becomes an opportunity for you to get to know yourself on a deeper level. You discover certain aspects of your individuality that you wouldn’t have the chance of discovering if you just stayed comfortable living in your own bubble. The idea of unearthing a side of you can be scary for many people—but whether you get to know a good or a not-so-good side of you after a solo adventure, that is still a step forward towards self-discovery and hopefully, self-improvement. And I think that’s freaking awesome.

Got other solo traveling perks to share? Tell us in the comments below!

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