To seasoned globetrotters, packing small and light is an essential skill that can only be developed through multiple trips and trial-and-error. A compact, well-equipped carry-on will not only allow you the opportunity to skip baggage claims and customs, but also the flexibility to travel and explore freely without having to carry around all your stuff.

While every guy may have their own preferences for style and comfort when it comes to packing, here’s a few well-kept secrets from savvy traveler bros that may help you get started on shedding that extra weight.

1. Pack by what you must bring, not by what you might need

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While this may seem like time-worn advice, many inexperienced backpackers still fall into the trap of bringing way too much clothes, only to end up using just about half by the end of their trip. On your next trip, keep in mind that packing versatile, light-weight, and color-coordinated travel wear can go a really long way, both in style and comfort.

2. Stay organized with packing cubes and compression sacks

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Maximize your space by organizing your travel attire into packing cubes, which keeps clothes neat while also minimizing wrinkles. At the same time, compression sacks (which look like massive Ziploc bags) are designed to suck the air out of your clothes by compressing your belongings as tight as possible. These are particularly useful when packing bulky clothing items such as coats and hoodies.

3. Only pack for one week

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Whether you’re traveling for a week, a month, or even three months, only pack enough clothes for about seven days. For those longer trips, a weekly visit to the local laundromat is easier than carrying around your bulking backpack. Laundry may seem like a drag, especially when you’re already itching to start exploring, but doing a couple of chores once a week is still much cheaper and favorable than checking in a bag. This also means mixing and matching is the way to go.

4. Maximize your technology

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With the advent of wearable tech and smartphones, travel has never been lighter and easier. Ditch the clunky guide books and maps and consider downloading these useful travel apps on your smartphone instead. Unless you’ll be doing some work overseas, leave your laptop at home and opt for a tablet or an e-book reader if you find the time to chill during downtime.

5. Wear your bulkiest clothes onto the plane

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If you expect to bring heavier attire like a winter jacket or a pair of boots, make sure to wear it at the check-in instead of squeezing the clothes into your baggage. You can even use the extra jacket pockets to store small trinkets and accessories to further maximize your packing space.

Have any sneaky travel tips that can make light traveling a breeze? Sound off in the comments below!

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