We all dream of that next trip—that moment when you’re finally hopping on a plane for that 3-week Eurotrip you’ve been dreaming of or your most-awaited tropical getaway in Asia.

Now it’s a few weeks/months before your trip but you’ve got your hands tied with so much work or student duties—what do you do? Worry not, ‘cause we’re here to help. Here’s the five things you’ll need to consider before that big summer voyage:

1. Your mindset

If you’re the type that doesn’t travel constantly due to work or university and consider going on trips a huge departure from your lifestyle, you’ll need to condition yourself mentally—whatever you do today and for the coming weeks should be a preparation for that big trip. You’ve got a demanding job, and that’s okay. You’re leaving people behind, that’s okay too. You deserve this break.

2. Your itinerary

You’ve done all the mental preparation that you need, now it’s time to book it. Make sure your plane tickets are secured, know which airport terminal you’re flying from and arriving at, double check your hotel accommodations, tours, etc. Bruh, the last thing you want is to end up sleeping in the airport or in the streets due to overlooking an unconfirmed booking.

3. Your travel funds

Remember when I said whatever you do today and for the next few weeks or months should prepare you for that upcoming travel? That includes your pocket money. Make a conscious effort to set aside a certain amount for every paycheck you receive. Consider what your daily travel expenses would be—transportation, food, shopping, pocket Wi-Fi (for Google Maps and Tinder), etc. and always, ALWAYS prepare a decent amount of emergency funds. You never know what could happen during your trip.

4. The work you’re leaving behind

Are you working a 9 to 5? Running a business and got clients to take care of? We get it. Your bread and butter is important and you can’t afford to lose it. But part of getting away is accepting the fact that you have to let go and take some time off. We all need a work-life balance. But this does not mean you have to completely drop everything—you have to come up with a plan and turn over your responsibilities before you leave to make sure your work does not come to a halt while you’re away.

5. Your health

No matter what happens, this should be your top priority. There really is no point traveling around the world when you’re too sick to even go out of your hotel. Stay fit, exercise and try to eat clean before your trip.

Stay tuned for our tips on how to keep fit while traveling here on Caveman Travels.


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