Travelling basics range from person to person, but for the modern day nomad one has to be both practical and functional without sacrificing form and style.

Rerum praesentium

Here’s a rundown of the top 10 travel essentials when traveling abroad:

1. Extra phone – Make sure it’s an open line and not tied up to your local carrier so you can use a foreign SIM card.  It’s always cheaper to buy a local sim loaded with data so you can make free international calls using a variety of mobile apps.  Keep your original sim card in your phone so you can still receive messages from your country.  This will come in handy especially when your credit card company verifies your card purchases.

2. Extension Chord – instead of having to bring multiple adaptor plugs to fit into outlets in the country you’re going to.  Bring one extension chord and use one adaptor plug and all your gadgets are set.  Always google online to check what adaptor to use in the country you’re headed to.

3. Portable Charger – the last thing you want is running out of juice in the middle of a dark desert highway. Make sure you choose the lightest but with the most power (10,000 -12,000 mAh, 2 A and above, preferably powered by Qualcomm Quick Charger technology for faster charge ). You want power that doesnt bulge in your pocket.

4. In-Flight Jacket with multiple pockets – being in a plane doesn’t really give you much space to move and pull out your stuff from your bag.  A nice comfy hoody with multiple pockets for your passport, ballpen, ticket, headphones, eye mask and all your other essentials is definitely a plan must-have.  Some jackets now even come with inflatable neck-pillows and iPad compartments.


5. Foldable Mini-Back Pack or Messenger Bag – When you get to your destination the first thing you wanna do is drop your stuff in the hotel or airbnb and explore the city.  You don’t wanna be lugging around your bulky back pack so a handy foldable back-pack that fits right snug in your carry-on luggage or check-in will do you wonders.  Choose the ones that are water & theft proof like pac-safe.

6. Zip-lock Compression Cell Bags – Say goodbye to sitting on or jumping on your suitcases just to be able to close them.   Now you can shop more with your check-in luggage by reducing your clothing volume by up to 80% with this handy giant zip-lock bag that doesn’t require a pump or vacuum cleaner.  Best for dirty clothes, so it doesnt stink up the rest of your fresh ones.compressioncells

7. Eye Mask – also known as sleep masks, are an affordable, natural way to help us get to sleep faster … and stay asleep by inducing a state of pure darkness. If you’re flying long distances, you wanna get the right amount of sleep & rest to make sure that you don’t waste a single minute in your destination.

Here's a list of some of the best eye masks for travel.

Click to see a list of some of the best eye masks for travel.

8. Multi-purose Headband/Scarf – is it a headband, is it a scarf, is it a ski mask, no it’s everything.  One small piece of fabric can go a long way .  Whether you’re in snow, sand , storm or sun this ingenious invention can do all that.

9. Inflatable Neck Pillow- Choose ones that fold or deflate seamlessly into your bag, but provide enough support to prevent neck stiffness after a long flight.

10. Passport Case – Travel organized and in style.  You wanna make sure all your passport/visa documents are in place together with all your airline and hotel membership cards.  Don’t you hate it when you forget to credit your miles upon check-in.


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