Admit it. You can’t live without your phone. Gastronomic meal? Must do a flatlay. Something funny just happened? It’s on your story for sure. Awkward silence? Look down and keep scrolling.

Sure, this digital revolution has made connecting with the world a lot easier—literally with a few taps—but it has also created a huge gap between us and the physical world, and this is especially true when traveling. Imagine visiting a beautiful island and being surrounded by nature but all you do is search for signal and waste time on your phone—you’re absolutely missing the point of being fully present in the moment. Don’t be that boring traveler and make the most out of your travel moments by following these simple ways:

Decide to go off the grid.

Mute your messaging apps. Go on airplane mode. Turn off the damn thing. You’re just one tap away from making your escape a reality.

Need to keep track of time? Wear a wristwatch. You might get lost? Use a map or better yet, learn to ask the locals. Your fam back home will get worried? Tell them you’re going offline ahead of time. If there’s a will, there’s always a way.

Immerse yourself in art.

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Refresh your eyes from all the memes and problematic tweets with the beauty around you. Marvel at exquisite works of art, appreciate stunning architecture, and get inspired with the colors of a different culture. Take the opportunity to actually experience the magic of things you can easily see on the Internet.

Feel the greens.

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Get out of your bubble and enjoy a change of scenery. Roll down your windows and watch the trees run past you. Walk to a park and breathe in some fresh air. Hike to the peak and watch the world get smaller below you. Sometimes, the simplest of things can spark the big change within you.

Capture moments the old-school way.

Smartphones have made photography a lot easier, and that’s cool. But ironically, having such advanced technology makes getting that perfect shot take even longer. Why not try documenting your travels using a film camera to make the experience more special? Go back to the very essence of photography by taking a second to capture the moment, and staying in it a little longer. The less shots you have, the more quality moments are captured on film.

Get lit with literature.

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That book you’ve been wanting to read but never had the time to do so? This is your chance. Bring it with you for those long-haul flights, chill afternoons by the beach, and when in need of a good conversation starter with the girl next to you. It’s time to drop the mindless scrolling and feed your mind with interesting insights and stories.

Score your moments.

Every trip is your own movie, so create a playlist that will surely go well as a soundtrack. Must include, but not limited to, songs for city walks, long rides, campfires, alone-time meals, showers, drunken nights, and even can’t-sleep-yet nights. Don’t forget to bring your portable speaker so you can share it with your buddies.

Add a real new friend.

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Go beyond social media and actually win a friend. It could be your tour group buddy, seat mate on the plane, or the sweet local that points you to real good places. There’s no pressure to unload your deepest, darkest secret. A simple “hello” can even do the trick.

Have some real talk.

As you experience the beauty of life, take it all in and reflect. Think about all the times you almost gave up and remember now why you didn’t. Open not only your eyes, but most importantly your mind to new realizations and perspective. And of course, don’t be afraid to share it with your new friend over your morning cup of coffee, or maybe even over your second beer.

In the busy lives we lead, we wouldn’t want to let good moments slip through our fingers. Rather than snapping them and putting them up online to share to the world, it is still best to hold these moments a minute longer and put them up in your memory where they can stay forever.

Are you keeping it real? Share with us your own ways in making out the best of every travel moment in the comments below.

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