Traveling to a new place you’ve been itching for months to go to—from  coming out of the plane, setting foot in your destination, to actually exploring the stress—is exhilarating. It makes all the hours you’ve spent working your ass off worth it for this breath of fresh air; this unfamiliar place whose most beautiful secrets you can’t wait to uncover and discover. But getting lost in the middle of the city bustling with alwyays-on-the-move locals, tall buildings and cars everywhere, makes you pay more attention to exactly that, and not the place itself. If you want to really get to know a city on a more intimate level, why don’t you consider doing it at night, with a rockin’ playlist, and when the masses have dwindled down? It’s kind of like the film Midnight in Paris, sans all the crazy characters.

Here’s why being a nocturnal traveler can also be a good thing:

It’s always an adventure to roam around at night

May it be by walking, riding a bike, or taking a bus, there’s something exciting about going out at night and exploring an unfamiliar place. After dark, the city slows down from the hustle and bustle in daylight and instantly becomes a dreamy sight—as if you’re in a movie setting. There’s less people crowding the streets, and you can hear only the murmur from a distant café or convenient store, cars on the road, and the few people who are still awake.

You’ll not only notice the spots or shops you’ve overlooked in daylight like they’re flashing with “this way right here” signs, you’ll also be able to appreciate the tourist spots you’ve gone to earlier in the day under the cover of night, with only the stars to guide you (and the occasional lampposts). Now isn’t that awesome?

Meeting different kinds of people

The different people you will meet and interact with at night are abundant—with colorful stories to boot. The tired college kid bartending to get extra money to pay off his student loans, the cashier at a 7-Eleven working in the dead silence of the night, the group of friends going to a party or heading home. Striking up conversations with strangers at night ain’t a problem, just be careful you don’t come off like a creep or come across a dangerous person/situation.

Relaxing outside

Whether it’s a nice park with a view of a famous bridge, an outdoor café, an empty diner or a rooftop overlooking the city, try checking them out at night. As you do this, you’ll realize that there’s a certain kind of tranquility you wouldn’t have in the daylight. And unwinding, thinking about where you want to go next and just simply appreciating your surrounding is a pretty cool activity.

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By the time the sun rises, you’ll have already gotten to know the place like it’s a close friend. Traveling at night lets you discover things, people and places that you wouldn’t normally during daytime. It will be an incredible experience to try the next time you travel somewhere.

What are your thoughts on nocturnal traveling? Have you tried it yourself? Let’s discuss in the comments below.

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