Ahhh, Six Flags… where boys become men and men scream like boys. We all know people of all ages have always shared the same love for theme parks, but if you’re a true caveman and looking for that adrenaline-rush kind of theme park in the United States, you gotta look for the one and only, the king: Six Flags Magic Mountain.

This 262-acre theme park, situated in Valencia, California, has some of the craziest and most technologically-advanced rides—including some that utilise virtual reality. It has gone through so many massive renovations but its essence has remained the same. Six Flags now features characters and themes from the DC Universe like Superman, Batman, The Flash, and the rest of the Justice League. But we’ll get to this and more about our favorite theme park in a separate story—for now, we’re giving you a quick guide on how to enjoy—and survive—and make the most out of this amazing wonderland:

1.Purchase your tickets in advance to avoid the long queues

For this trip, we partnered with Klook and booked our tickets via their website, www.klook.com—so convenient and hassle-free!

Book the Six Flags Magic Mountain Experience here.

2. Are you an adrenaline junkie? Get the flash pass

With a theme park as massive as this, there’s no way you can finish all the best rides in just one day. With the flash pass, you get VIP access to the rides for a faster experience.

3. Start the adventure early (10:30 am)

The theme park opens as early as 10:30 am, better to be there as soon as it opens and start with the rides with the longest lines (there will always be lines).

4. Avoid heavy meals

…for obvious reasons. You wouldn’t want to spread nasty stuff onto yourself and your ridemates, would ya? Or just avoid eating a heavy meal before going into the extreme rides.

5. Wear loose clothing

We all know it can get really hot during the summer, and if you’re staying outdoors the whole day, wearing comfortable clothing is key. It would be safe to bring an extra shirt, too.

6. Apply sunscreen

Boys, it’s important to protect our skin from the heat of the sun. Sunscreen should be one of your travel essentials, most especially during the summer.

7. Bring a backpack

Speaking of travel essentials, you’ll need a reliable backpack to store your valuables. Luckily, they’ve got accessible lockers that are priced reasonably.

8. Buy one of the refillable drink bottles

Hydrate a lot. You’ll need lots of water to survive at a theme park for the whole day.

9. Alternate the extreme and not-so-extreme rides

Cavemen get tired too… to survive till the end of the day, you need to give your body some rest by alternating the most adventurous rides and the less extreme ones.

10. End the adventure before closing time (9:00 pm)

The park usually closes at 9:00 pm. You will be exhausted after a long day of rides and nonstop walking, and you would want an easy access to Uber or Lyft, so make sure to finish earlier than closing time.

Watch the video here:

Top 6 Must-Rides at Six Flags Magic Mountain

Six Flags… where boys become men and men scream like boys. ?On our recent trip to LA, we took the Six Flags Magic Mountain challenge! ? We’ve rounded up our top six must-try rides at this 262-acre theme park. Full feature soon on www.cavemantravels.com. Book this activity via Klook. ?#CavemanTravelsUSA #CavemanTravelsxKlook #getklookd

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