Traveling is ultra exciting and all, especially when your plane is about to take off and you are set to go on an adventure. But getting to that point involves tons of planning. Planning an entire trip can have its struggles and hassles but don’t you worry because we all go through it anyway! A thorough plan will equal to a (nearly) perfect vacay.

We list down what we think should be on that Excel spreadsheet, travel planner, notepad or wherever you write your to-do lists when it comes to planning your trip. Think of the list below as your cheat sheet you can use for all your travels:

The Destination

Picking the destination is the most important part of this whole process because it will make or break your travel experience. You also have to determine what season (or weather) you would like to see that destination in, for example, if you wish to see the sakura in Japan, you have to go during the early weeks of spring. If you’re still undecided and need more choices, we made a list of travels your should save up for this 2019.

Your Travel Crew

Knowing the people you want to travel with is also very very vital to the planning process. Are you comfortable with these people? Are you on the same page when it comes to the destination, activities, and budget? This is a mistake a lot of travelers make… like inviting a friend with acrophobia to go hiking or asking a beach bum to join you on a snowboarding trip. LOL. You don’t want to travel with people you don’t see eye to eye with right? We want our vacation to be all good vibes! No time for negativity when travel should be fun. (If you want to just do a solo travel, you can do that too.)


Choosing an accommodation is also tricky. You have to choose the perfect city in your country of choice to stay in, it has to fit your budget, and of course, you want it to be clean and safe. It’s best too if it’s near some convenience stores for essential runs, or a coffee shop, maybe? And of course, preferably walking distance to public transportation.

Travel Essentials to Pack

Passport and IDs. This is obviously a given but you’ll be surprised at how some people still forget! So make sure these two are on your list. Don’t forget your power bank and chargers—us millennials don’t want to run out of battery while on the move, right? Best to pack an extension cord and a universal adaptor to avoid the hassle of dealing with different power sockets. If you’re not using data roaming, rent a portable Wi-Fi—this way you can use Google Maps and research more things while on the go.

Make sure to also prepare your first aid kit including your medicines, especially antihistamines (you’ll never know what allergies might come up), band-aids and the like. Skincare is also a must—bring your sunscreen (especially during summer), moisturizer (for colder seasons), and daily cleanser. And don’t forget the essentials like wipes, sanitizer and mosquito repellant that will keep you clean and protected.

Pocket Money

Exchange rates can get confusing, specially if you want to shop or simply dine in a restaurant and want to know how much you are actually spending in your currency. It will be convenient if you bring a credit card and an ATM card as your backup just in case you run out of money. But of course you will want some pocket money for street food, markets, and whatnot—so it always helps to research beforehand where it’s best to have your money exchanged.


Learning your way around a place can be confusing yet also fun. So depending on where your hotel or Airbnb is situated at, you have to plan how you will get around—from your tours, to the places you want to see, restaurants you want to try, etc. You can plot your itinerary with transportation info by checking out the distances on Google Maps, then you’ll know how you can get there via train or if you need to take Uber or a cab.

Must-See Sights

Since you’re already there, go and see the famous sites that country has to offer! Going to Paris, have that photoshoot in front of the Eiffel Tower! Take that selfie in Times Square if you’ll be in New York! Do a boomerang in the Shibuya Crossing in Japan! Show off some underrated spots that most tourists won’t flock too like some underrated beaches in the Philippines or remote spots in Taipei like Wulai District! Do it all and see it all! Need tips for content creation? We got you!


You gotta plan all the fun activities you can do too. Maybe there are surf spots, good hiking trails and adventures that are famous or only available in that destination—you better try as many activities as possible to make your vacation all the more memorable.

Food and Drink Spots

This is what we love the most! Eating and drinking are two big reasons why we travel—it’s exciting to not just taste local delicacies but also foreign cuisines and how they make their own twists to it. Street food, hole-in-the-wall restaurants with specialty dishes, milk teas and coffees, must-try cocktails at famous bars… we can go on and on! Look through blogs, vlogs and see their food crawls and what they’ve tried.

We hope this list helps you in planning your first few travels! What has been the most important task for you when planning a trip? Sound off below.

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