Traveling makes us go get of our comfort zones and experience things we’ve never experienced before. We gain more knowledge and wisdom, too, by exploring the world one country at a time. That’s what makes traveling so exciting—not only do we learn more about different cultures but we also learn more about ourselves.

This new year, let’s learn more about ourselves by ticking off some traveling goals we should try at least once in our lives. We list down some of the things we want to try this 2019 as we feed our wanderlust:

Travel Solo

It’s not necessarily easy to travel with a group but it’s definitely not easy to travel alone. This is the time wherein you have to truly do everything on your own. Instead of planning your entire itinerary, you can be spontaneous and just go with the flow—the absolute beauty of solo traveling. This will definitely push you out of your comfort zone because you’ll need to talk (and maybe even, make friends) with strangers and whatnot. It’s a great thing to experience this at least once in your life, but we think that once you’ve experienced traveling by yourself, you’re going to love it and want to do it over and over again.

Be a Backpacker

For all the cavemen out there that can’t pack light or love comfort while traveling, maybe it’s time to experience something new in the form of backpacking! Pack that bag and travel through different countries! You can backpack through Asia or Europe and just live with whatever you have with you. A hint of simplicity as you travel will make you realize you don’t need much as there will always be a place to do your laundry and buy some toiletries when you do run out. It’s sort of a taste of actually living in that country as well and knowing where to do your errands.

Travel with no Itinerary

Sometimes the best way to explore a country is by getting lost in it. Imagine traveling to a foreign country with your ride or die, and just doing whatever you like without being slaves of an itinerary—getting drunk and dancing in the streets, going on a double date with your Tinder matches, discovering art and finding hidden gems in old towns—you can document these unique experiences and create your own unconventional guide to that destination that won’t show up in any blogs, vlogs or travel books! Sometimes you gotta just learn how to wing it, bro.

Visit a New Destination

I think everyone who loves to travel has this on their bucket list every new year. We’re all for visiting and rediscovering familiar places that we love, but nothing can compare to the euphoria one gets by being in a foreign city. You gotta visit at least one new destination every year, and little by little, you’ll be able to say that you’ve explored the world, right? What’s better to go through the year than making new memories in places that are unfamiliar to you? We listed down some countries you should look into this year!

Visit an Underrated Destination

It’s easy to get FOMO when everyone is traveling to the same destination, we know. But the nomad in you should dare to be different and visit unexplored places—you’re not only gonna look hella cool, your IG feed will look extra too.

Hike in the Mountains

Maybe it’s time to get fit this year, mates! Don’t we all have that in our new year’s resolutions list anyway? Feed that adventure hungry soul by climbing a mountain! It’s a great way to see nature’s beauty in any country. Or you can even explore the many mountains in the Philippines too—it’s a fun way to see more of what our lovely home has to offer.

What are you travel goals for the year and what have you done already? Share with us below!

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