Ahh, the wonders of flying. As a perpetuate traveler and adventure lover, have you ever pondered how fortunate we are as humans to be living in this day and age where one can easily hop on a plane and fly from one magical place to another? And how you can book flights directly from your smartphone with just a few taps? How about the many countries whose visa policies have become far more lenient than ever? A few decades ago, nobody would have thought any of these could be a possibility.

Fast forward to the present times, here we are, so lucky, yet many amongst us are still unaware of—or worse, indifferent to—these privileges, because we’re busy living our lives the way we’ve been conditioned to for the longest time, where “traveling the world is an impossible feat” or “exploring the unseen is only for the free spirit” because you’re supposed to stay in your little bubble and keep your comfortable job in order to lead a stable and secure life.

Photo courtesy of Struan Wallace

And boy do we have news for you: that paradigm has shifted. The most significant message that the travel community is busting its back to tell you is that travel is for everyone. As the late Austro-Hungarian writer and political activist Theodor Herzl put it, “If you will it, it is no dream,” and we at CVMN believe that you can turn your travel dreams into reality so long as you put your heart and soul into making it happen.

On the Fly = to be in motion

In collaboration with SkyJet Airlines, we introduce to you On the Fly, an all-new CVMN series that aims to tackle and put emphasis on the modern nomad’s act of flying to journey into new locales and explore the beauty of the Philippine islands, starting off with Coron, Palawan, the island we named the most beautiful paradise in the world earlier this year—and dare we say this statement still holds true to this date, after having visited this precious island ourselves to film the project. See for yourself:

There’s something about flying on jets that makes every trip so much smoother… and traveling to Coron (Busuanga Airport) from Manila (NAIA Terminal 4) was a breeze, just a short 35-minute flight via SkyJet Airlines. At the beginning of this trip, we honestly didn’t know what to expect. The town looked sleepy, and didn’t really seem to have much to offer. But that was before we jumped onto a boat and started coasting around the countless islands in this paradise. Holy smokes!

Photo courtesy of Struan Wallace

Coron, Palawan, CVMN’s Most Beautiful Paradise in the World in 2018, is like a God-made amusement park that has something for everybody. From hidden lagoons, to immaculate lakes, secret caves, breathtaking coral reefs, historic Japanese shipwrecks to Jurassic Park-looking islands, the list goes on. Definitely not a Boracay that has some of the best beach bars and restaurants and a long stretch of fine white sand, but that’s like comparing apples to oranges. Sometimes you like apples, and in this case I’m salivating on a beautiful bunch of oranges.


Produced by Dan Buenaventura (@danbuen)

Directed by Stephen Ku (@stephen_ku)

Drone videography by Struan Wallace (@struan)

Videography by Stephen Ku, Struan Wallace and Ryan Covarrubias

Video editing by Ryan Covarrubias (@ryancovarrubias)

Talents: Fernanda Cordeiro (@fercordeiroo), Luana Ide (@lu_ide), Sarah Fleets (@sarahfleets) and Dani de Rome (@daniderome)


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