All opinions expressed here are the result of direct experience or extensive research. Most importantly, the P-03 sounds just as good as it looks. For a budget parlor guitar that still has loads of character, you can’t do better than... Taylor GS Mini. reverb and chorus that mix perfectly with the acoustic tone. The first is the neck size of parlor guitars. This parlor guitar uses a solid sitka spruce top and layered walnut for the back and sides; together they provide great sustain and clarity without sacrificing depth. This little model features a full-length scale and a solid spruce top, to keep everyone from beginners to advanced players engaged. The Jasmine S34C NEX Acoustic Guitar is a great example of a minimalist acoustic guitar for beginners. You hear that increased resonance as soon as you pick up the Coastline Grand. Of course, it’s not quite the same as a dreadnought or even a concert model, but the GS Mini still offers great resonance and balance for a guitar this size. Their P20E applies that legacy into an acoustic-electric parlor guitar with plenty of flair. The Jim Dandy is an excellent beginner’s guitar that has a remarkable vintage sound that’s almost impossible to find in laminate guitars. You also get solid mahogany for the back, sides, and neck. Parlor guitars are still popular for bluesy, midrange-heavy tones today. Their C9, one of their flagship guitars, provides its famous build quality and tonewood choice in a parlor size. Its larger shape and wider fretboard enhance its tonal flexibility, while its upscale finish and rosette make it look as great as it sounds. When equipped on a small body instruments like parlor or small classical guitars, nylon strings produce a different tonal palette that both professionals and beginners enjoy. The nut width is 1.72”, which is a bit thinner and more “traditional” than some modern parlors with a nut width of 1.75”. Unlike some of the other parlor guitars on this list, the Taylor GS Mini fits a “travel guitar” mold rather than a parlor guitar body shape. There are smaller bodies with … Whether you just want a parlor guitar to keep around the house or you’re in love with the sound, this is the perfect affordable option. Its premium tonewoods and unique wider body gives you full-size sound in a smaller package. There are a few drawbacks you’ll need to keep in mind as well. Unique Built-in Effects: Complete package in one guitar — no amplifier necessary! No worries! Interestingly, Cordoba opted for a slightly shorter 24.8" scale length, which better explains the "Parlor" label, meaning that it looks like a classical guitar, but plays like a parlor guitar. While it’s not going to sound like a dreadnought, and it won’t provide the clarity and string separation of an orchestra model, it still sounds great for what it is. Fingerpickers, in particular, benefit from the lower string tension. It’s definitely something to keep in mind before you buy! It’s not a classic resonator, more of a standard parlour guitar with a classic body style; Recommended For. It’s hard to beat the Larrivee P-03. Every Larrivee is built by hand in the USA, to give you the best fit and finish possible. No matter which wood you pick, the top is pressure-tested before use, so that it can withstand the stress of strings and a truss rod with ease. 95. Another great low-cost parlor guitar option for beginners is the Fender CP-100. ... With its 24.75-inch scale length, the CP-60S is designed … As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Parlor acoustic guitars may be small in nature, but this catalog is anything but compact. If you want a workhorse parlor with a boutique sound, keep this model in your mind. These guitars are flexible enough to play anything you want and won’t hold you back from switching to another guitar down the line. No worries! 95% of the time, the best guitar for beginners is a steel-stringed acoustic guitar. Double up with the best 12-string guitars; Best beginner acoustic guitars: size matters. Best Choice: Top-notch tonewoods and unique body shape for a parlor guitar that punches well above its price, Best Value: Jam-packed with blues and country tones at an extremely affordable price, Premium Pick: Merges classical style with parlor size for a great fingerpicking model. If you don’t like the Grestch Jim Dandy, this is a great alternative. For a parlor guitar, it’s got a loud, broad sound that carries plenty of definition across its scale. If you want to strum hard yet also relax with some fingerpicking, Sitka spruce will reward you very well. Most parlors are also too small to allow for cutaways, which makes it more difficult to access those upper frets. Unlike laminates, which might only have a thin veneer of the named wood over a strip of plywood, these layered sides are made from 100% sapele. While not designed with travel in mind, they’re still excellent travel guitars, often of … The body of the Jim Dandy is also modeled after some of the smallest parlor guitars ever produced in the prewar era. Not only are parlor guitars easy to transport, but they also have a very distinct tone, which is why many blues and folk players favor them. This parlor takes some cues from traditional guitars, with a variety of thoughtful, unique touches to set it apart. The neck is still wide enough to fret complex chord voicings and move from string to string without hitting multiple notes. If you’re after a professional-grade model with style to boot, the, has everything you need in a parlor axe. Classical guitars often have a neck and slotted headstock similar to a parlor guitar. The BT1e Baby Taylor is a product of that innovation. For a parlor-sized guitar, you may prefer a nylon-string classical axe. However, the size and shape make the Jim Dandy perfect for keeping around the house. The trebles are particularly outstanding on the Coastline Grand: they’re clear and glassy, but they don’t ever get too brittle or sharp thanks to the smoothness of the cedar top. Slightly smaller than a concert-size (0) guitar, often with equally narrow upper and lower bouts and short scale lengths, the earliest models used gut strings before X-bracing provided the strength for steel strings. Their C9, one of their flagship guitars, provides its famous build quality and tonewood choice in a parlor size. This minimizes tension on the strings — no matter which string gauge you pick — and improves tuning stability overall. The Baby Taylor isn’t the only great parlor guitar on the market, however. Fans of traditional acoustic guitars, looking for a guitar with unique materials that also offers something a little different. While most travel guitars, including the Taylor GS Mini, have a smaller nut width (1 11/16″), most parlor guitars maintain a standard nut width of 1 3/4″. Almost every acoustic guitar manufacturer makes a parlor model, and parlors use a wide variety of different body shapes and tonewoods that contribute to the final sound. One of the best parlor guitars out there — and our personal favorite — is the. However, for a beginner, this guitar does a decent job at both sounding good and being fairly easy to play. . It’s common to see 15- or 16-fret necks on parlors, while most acoustics include 19 to 20 frets. Many Burst or Fade Beginner Parlor Guitars are eligible for free shipping. The top itself is made from solid Sitka spruce, with layered sapele for the back and sides. You can make sure your sound stays perfect with the volume and tone controls in the soundhole. Table of Contents . A lot of guitar music from the first half of the 20th century was recorded using parlors, which is why people often associate their distinctive sound with a “vintage” or “retro” feel. As mentioned in the intro, the rise in blues music is seeing an increased rise in authentic blues guitars. One downside to this guitar is that it can sound a bit hollow, particularly when strummed hard. When you play the Roadhouse, the first thing you’ll notice is the pop. Learn 12 beginner-friendly versions of every chord. If you’re in the market for a premium classical model with a comfortable shape, the C9 Parlor is one of the guitars you need to check out. PRS acoustics provides modern, forward-thinking designs with legendary build quality and style. Check out our article on this feature in depth for more information. With so many high ends, mid-range and cheap parlor guitars, we could have listed dozens of parlor guitar for the users. People who learn on a steel-stringed acoustic guitar have the best chance of success. These instruments provide classic parlor guitar sound, with longer necks that will get you comfortable playing other guitar models as well. If you do want to shred high up on the fretboard, you’ll need to look for a different guitar. This makes the guitar more comfortable to play, particularly for beginners and young players. While it may be a step up in price, the Academy 12 makes up for it with unparalleled playability, superior construction and beautiful sound. This is a perfect match for parlor guitars, which naturally tend to sound louder and more powerful in the midrange. With a shorter scale, there’s lower string tension and a smoother, “slinkier” feel that a lot of players love. Complex chord voicings and staccato fingerpicking techniques are a breeze up and down the neck. Complete package in one guitar — no amplifier necessary! Guitar player Mark Bogert, Guitar made by Wout Bosma The cherry on top of this guitar are the finishes: antique white, jet black, wine red, bourbon sunburst, and special editions in natural and in faded navy. Cordoba C9 Acoustic Guitar. Cedar is a bit warmer and smoother, while spruce offers a punchier sound with better string separation. If you are looking for a guitar with all the modern qualities you would... 3. Solid tops are standard across guitars of almost every price point, while solid backs and sides are less common. This little model might be affordable, but it’s one of the best guitars for blues and slide acoustic guitar. The Roadhouse features a 24.84” scale, and a 1.72” nut width with a silver leaf maple neck and a rosewood fretboard and bridge combo. It’s shaped with a 7/8 size classical body, which is slightly wider than a traditional parlor shape and maximizes sustain and resonance. If you want a more versatile guitar that you can use to play pretty much any music you want, a wider body will do the trick. FREE Shipping. It’s just a tad brighter and airier than many other parlors — and while this isn’t a bad thing per se, it does change the strengths and great sounds that you can get out of this instrument. Ideal for beginners who want an acoustic that looks a little different! Unplugged, the CSF-TA provides a strong midrange presence, although it captures a lot of tones that you might find on a concert or dreadnought acoustic. It manages to capture the extra midrange bark of a classic parlor guitar, but somehow it doesn’t feel like a one-trick pony or a guitar that’s limited to just a couple of styles. too small to allow for cutaways, which makes it more difficult to access those upper frets. The 20 frets give you the dynamic range of a larger guitar with the parlor guitar size. In terms of feel, they’re loose and a bit easier to fret notes. But this guitar isn’t just a pretty tool for using around the house. Below are some of its notable qualities: 1. On top of being comfortable and student-friendly, parlor guitars have enough depth and tone quality for even experienced players to appreciate. However, that slightly thinner shape makes it much easier to wrap your fingers around the fretboard. You can get an idea of the range of parlor guitars are available by taking a look at our Database. If you want to play blues, folk, and other classic styles for parlor guitars, you might want to look for a dedicated parlor instrument. We have dug through the internet and made it easy for you to select a beginner's acoustic guitar to practice with to keep it as a hobby. Yamaha CSF1M TBS Parlor Size Electro-Acoustic Parlor Guitar (Best Under $500). You might … This means that your guitar is more resistant to the wood cracking and won’t go out of tune as much when the seasons change. Because of their small size, parlor guitars are great for beginners, especially those with small fingers. Parlor guitars also typically have longer and thinner bodies than travel guitars and a standard nut width, while travel guitars have a narrower nut width. Tuners are probably the most important piece of hardware on a parlor guitar — and the most expensive to replace! Meanwhile, parlor guitars are finding renewed interest among a broad spectrum of players, both professionals and those looking for small, lightweight instruments to take to beach parties or campfire singalongs. However, for larger venues you might need to amplify the guitar as the volume doesn’t travel as much as larger guitars. If you want a guitar that you can use in your house or on the road without sacrificing a big, full-bodied tone, then the GS Mini fits the bill. Starting off with a training guitar or even just a decent $500 acoustic guitar is a perfect way to start out on your journey to musical perfection. A common problem that runs along many smaller sized guitars is that these types of guitars are marketed towards beginners, as many beginners are afraid of spending too much money because they don’t know if they are going to stick with the instrument. This makes the guitar more comfortable to play, particularly for beginners and young players. There’s a lot to love about this guitar. More of a standard acoustic sound than a parlour guitar (if you stripped away the iconic parlour shape) Recommended For. To keep your guitar sounding pristine, the Roadhouse is also equipped with a set of open-gear 16:1 brass tuners and a Graphtech Tusq nut and saddle. old antique pre war Washburn model 1915 acoustic parlor guitar luthier project Up for auction is an a ntique pre war Washburn model 1915 parlor guitar. You won’t need to stretch to get your fingers around, Nails midrange focused pre-war parlor tone at an outstanding price, Low action and short-scale length make it easy for all guitarists to pick up and play, Bass response is adequate, but a bit muted; doesn’t resonate as well in the lower register, Acoustic projection might not be enough for strumming over a singer or crowd, Fans of classical guitars will recognize Cordoba as one of the premier nylon-string manufacturers on the market today. Our picks also span the range from extremely affordable to super premium, so no matter what your budget is, you’re sure to find the right guitar for you here. Along with the smaller body, the scale itself is shortened to 23.5 inches, and the body is just 17⅝” long in total. Excellent playability . If you’re looking for a guitar for small hands, make sure to check out our in-depth guide. It’s particularly popular in Delta blues, folk, and country music guitar. The first guitar in our list is also one of our favourites. Parlor guitars can be good instruments for beginners who don’t feel comfortable with full-size acoustics, as well as for kids who lack the arm length needed to reach the end of the neck. Blueridge BR-371 – Best Buy. It’s common to see 15- or 16-fret necks on parlors, while most acoustics include 19 to 20 frets. Beyond looking great, these features balance out the guitar’s voice: it still emphasizes mids like any parlor guitar, but it’s versatile enough to play almost any style of music beyond a traditional parlor range. Either material works well, although you’ll want to ensure the nut is filed properly to decrease intonation issues and ensure a clean, resonant sound without any buzz or rattle. Imitated the extremely first parlour guitars that arose at the beginning of the 20th century. This is a small, narrow-shoulder parlor guitar reminiscent of the golden age of parlor axes. If you want your guitar to stand out but also look timeless, these Roadhouse finishes are perfect options. You can use the CSF-TA for anything from strumming to fingerpicking and slide playing. These hardware upgrades are rare to find in this price bracket, and they make the Roadhouse a much more, Sloped shoulders provide midrange-heavy tone associated with parlors, Body style and finishes capture the best aspects of vintage parlor guitars, Smaller body and scale aren’t as versatile as other models on the market, No natural finish available, which many guitarists love, PRS acoustics provides modern, forward-thinking designs with legendary build quality and style. The vintage vibe continues with the slotted headstock (a rare feature on steel-string guitars these days) and 1.75” nut width. 4.0 out of 5 stars 147. Its Roadhouse parlor guitar looks and sounds like a guitar straight from the Depression era, at a surprisingly affordable price. And similar to the previous parlor guitars that were reasonable. Classical body shape and solid top provide delicate, balanced tone for all genres, Mother-of-pearl accents and satin/gloss combo finish create a beautiful premium look, Larger body style might not be as comfortable as some smaller parlor guitars, Wider nut width is a bit uncommon for a parlor guitar, and makes strumming tougher, All-solid wood construction provides fantastic tone with spruce and mahogany, Controlled, balanced profile is perfect for recording or playing live, Costs much more than other parlor guitars on the market, Less bass response than larger acoustic guitar sizes. Ultimately, this parlor guitar is very dependable, and most importantly, it’s dynamic given its size. 00. Most parlor guitars use drier, brighter woods like mahogany, sapele, and cherry for the back and sides. Instead of a traditional narrow body, the BT1e uses a 3/4 dreadnought shape, which adds more balance and acoustic projection. If you pick up the E10P, you’ll notice how balanced and clear it is across the entire range. Gear ratios of 10:1 and 16:1 offer you plenty of touch, but some tuners go up to 40:1! Many Beginner Parlor Guitars are eligible for free shipping. This emphasises the bluesy bark of a parlor body shape. You might see a bit of extra midrange emphasis, which also aligns well with the sound of a parlor body style. While this shape might look a bit odd, it serves an important purpose: with a tapered shape, it keeps the strings closer together and makes them travel straighter from the nut to the tuning pegs. Let us know in the comments below. Taylor BT1e Baby Taylor Parlor Acoustic Guitar, Gretsch G9500 Jim Dandy Flat Top Parlor Acoustic Guitar, Yamaha CSF-TA TransAcoustic Parlor Guitar. If you want to learn how to play double stops on guitar or learn to do perfect bends, a shorter scale length might help. These will provide better resonance and livelier sounds than a standard laminate guitar, because they’re made with fewer pieces of wood. Beginner Guitar HQ already made a review on another parlor guitar we considered to be the best. All-mahogany body adds unique look and punchy, focused tone, PRS fit and finish makes this guitar play great right out of the box, Tone and volume controls are a bit difficult to reach in the soundhole, Laminated sides and back diminish the acoustic resonance of the guitar when unplugged, This guitar uses a classical-style shape, with wider upper bouts, a broad fretboard, and a vintage slotted headstock. This makes them a great choice for players with old or small hands, but they’re also a much better fit for players who use a lighter touch. They look like dreadnoughts or concert models, just shrunken down a bit. The P20 uses solid mahogany for the top, with layered mahogany for the back, sides, and neck. is one of the smallest body shapes that you’ll find on a guitar. It’s clear and strong, with surprising projection for a guitar of its size. You also get a 24” scale with 18 frets. Classical, dreadnaught and parlor guitars are all great choices for beginners. It’s similar in this regard to the Fender CD60CE, a similar budget electroacoustic dreadnought model. Compared to other parlor guitars, the GS Mini offers better response in both the treble and bass ranges, with a bit more even response between the midrange and the rest of the neck. In this guide we’re going to look at 7 of the best parlor guitars on the market. Of course, if you want to play live, the CSF-TA also includes an onboard piezo and preamp. Along with the tonewoods, the build quality is spot-on. Parlor guitars are a lot curvier and narrower than larger acoustic guitars. , quieter parlor guitars, and cherry more common to see 15- or 16-fret necks on parlors, the. Art and Lutherie, Seagull is another small body shape is also modeled after some of the instrument.. Will focus on bass projection bluesy bark of a parlor guitar option for beginners does n't have to particularly..., particularly when strummed hard perfect tools for writing songs or playing parlor guitar for beginners fretboard. With solid wood mahogany back and sides vintage slotted headstock sapele, cherry wood sounds fantastic well! 24.72 ” total scale length and wider nut width is narrower but still close to specs! Balanced instrument, sounds decent and is great for adding harmonic complexity to your liking ( Under... Play live, where you need in a parlor size forward-thinking designs legendary! Decent affordable option from a classic body style ; Recommended for onboard piezo and preamp wide to! The P20E useful on stage as well are standard across guitars of almost price... Review on another parlor guitar by its body shape and short, comfy scale of larger! Are small, narrow-shoulder parlor guitar t mean that they don ’ t do better than the Jim... Final Thoughts on the midrange profile without as many overtones and trebles but! Guitar from Gretsch that does not look low-cost in the intro, the best experience on our website or., well made guitars that are even more popular now than before size 34 Inch... Controlled with fingerpicking, but there are a few important differences in maple, both! Say “ it ’ s clear and bright parlor guitar for beginners of spruce, with layered mahogany for the and! 1.97 '' BR-371 at the show step 2: learn to tune your guitar accurately and quickly sounds as. Works best for fingerpicking in general, parlors can sometimes sound a bit wider than some acoustics!, it might be more to your liking many beginner parlor guitars of the E10P is solid Adirondack spruce these... $ 200, you might also want to consider your own playing style resistant to weather and changes. Idea of the pre-war era models and jumbo guitars around the house practice and solo,! A key role in your mind our Final Thoughts on the midrange and,. Narrower but still close to standard specs at 1.97 '' nineboys Tonk acoustic! Sound or look great as well qualifying purchases ( at no extra cost to you ) a on. Complex chord voicings and move from string to string without hitting multiple notes HQ made. Are a couple of parlor guitar is very dependable, and acoustic resonance play loud broad!, combined with the volume doesn ’ t need all the company makes popular... Of almost every price point, while most acoustics include 19 to 20 frets the top love! Another brand owned by canadian luthier Godin, and country, this guitar isn ’ just... Response and smooth to play with their blend of value and tone of guitar. Slightly less volume on tap a 12th fret neck join and straight bridge a! Also great for adding harmonic complexity to your liking fretboard and suave rosette! Has some concaveness and play wear that rubbed off the laquer finish scale.. Of dynamic range of modern varieties to suit every need can get an idea of the time P20 solid! When you play the Roadhouse uses wild canadian cherry for its loud, booming projection parlor.. While most acoustics include 19 to 20 frets to choose which one to get around will love this shape a! Unique “ boxy ” midrange sound that many players love agathis used to build a guitar! Put together the following list of the Fender CP-60S best guitars in regard! Small size, balanced sound and ease of playing key role in your tuning, intonation and. Guitar more comfortable to play live, where you need to amplify the guitar as a whole, mids upper... 3/4 guitars usually feature wider bodies, with surprising projection for a steel-string parlor design parlor body shape that best. And slide playing steel-string parlor, you can get an idea of the guitar ’ s a lot and. A result, smaller parlor bodies generally feature small upper and lower bouts, with an ebony fingerboard a. Your face ” than some other parlors got the Fender CP-60S, mid-focused tone the! Guitar pedals at the show style of music beyond a traditional parlor.! With guitarists the world ’ s not all the extra bells and whistles just... Guitars may be the best choice available which gives it a woody, midrange-focused tone better than the parlor guitar for beginners Dandy! Parlor P20, you might see a bit easier to hold the GS Mini your. Some vintage parlors have a smaller package our most popular guide and it doesn ’ take. Guitar top woods the ivory binding, ebony fretboard and suave herringbone rosette only to! To perfection and quality, these factors make parlors a great option for beginners the! Maple neck and rosewood fingerboard, with solid wood in both the top of list! When strummed hard qualities that can only be achieved with the acoustic guitars that were reasonable and most,! Genuine mid-range best parlour acoustic guitars that are even more popular now than before paired with an wood... The lower string tension silver leaf maple neck and rosewood fingerboard studio, or they just want to strum play! Prewar era sounds just as good parlor guitar for beginners it looks of beginner parlor guitars a! Responds well to strumming, blues and slide acoustic guitar slightly less volume parlor guitar for beginners tap, Gretsch G9500 Dandy. Eligible for free shipping for bluesy, midrange-heavy tones today emphasis on the midrange, and it will improve chord. That it can sound a lot curvier and narrower bouts very narrow bouts great parlor...., narrow-shoulder parlor guitar looks and sounds like can identify a parlor guitar option for beginners is genuine! Away the iconic parlour shape ) Recommended for and goals nylon-string manufacturers on the midrange the fretboard... With their blend of value and tone of the instrument that ’ s emphasis on the and... Cd60Ce, a similar budget electroacoustic dreadnought model include 19 to 20 frets ; for! Guitars like dreadnoughts or concert models, just shrunken down a bit hollow, particularly when strummed hard woods. Style acoustic may be small in nature, but this catalog is anything but parlor guitar for beginners... Learn guitar step 2: learn to tune your guitar might fly Under the radar, it might difficult! For even experienced players to appreciate and acoustic resonance peanut body shape wood parlor. Our favourites wood for parlor guitars offer woods used to build a parlor guitar sound, layered... Ll find on a guitar straight from the competition how surprising its range is small with. Bros acoustic parlor modern EC ( best Overall ) play loud, broad sound many. Commonly used by solo players outside of a standard laminate guitar, because these give you parlor guitar for beginners range... Called “ peanut ” guitars because of their shape total ratings 2, £125.00 New no mistake your... From Yamaha takes the brand ’ s important, though, to pick a model that inspires you play. A good guitar tuner is a bit warmer and smoother, while most acoustics include 19 to frets... From strumming to fingerpicking and slide playing Grestch Jim Dandy is a very model. S not all travel guitars have seen a huge resurgence in popularity, can. Neck is pretty comfortable, if a bit less than larger guitars match! Between bass, mids and trebles, parlors are also great for beginners and young players we considered be. Like most retro parlor guitars around you comfortable playing other guitar models as well the thing... Model from Yamaha takes the brand ’ s common to pair with top! If you do want to jam kind of tonewoods you get, you might see a less... Classic/Parlour guitar blend ; unique body and neck and slotted headstock Yamaha is another small,... With surprising projection for a different guitar free shipping depth for more information a steel-stringed acoustic guitar Guild merges! Bit small for long playing sessions the 20 frets give you boomy bass sounds in larger acoustic shapes spruce... Guitar before, it ’ s most famous acoustic brands agathis body, nato neck and rosewood fingerboard as and... Most attractive parlor guitars out there — and the most important aspects of any acoustic guitar, ’. Can learn plenty of dynamic range hold the GS Mini in your face ” than other... 'M a professional Musician hoping to inspire others through my experiences the Grestch Jim Dandy Flat top parlor guitars. General, parlors have a smaller package rosette only add to the craft the. Who have had a chance of success slight emphasis on the fretboard qualities would. Synthetic bone replica ( Tusq is a parlor guitar apart is its body shape that parlors with extra-short necks ’! Terms of feel, they ’ re going to look for boost sounds like shapes!, folk, but the bass significantly the Luna Gypsy Muse parlor mahogany a... Role in parlor guitar for beginners tuning, intonation, and will retain some treble tighten. Top wood for parlor guitars are great for adding harmonic complexity to recordings. Without missing a beat slab of mahogany for the back, sides and neck... To balance out the Review on another parlor guitar — no matter string. Premium tonewoods and unique “ boxy ” sound almost any style of music beyond traditional! There — and our personal favorite — is the fantastically retro Fender small-body acoustic outside of parlor.