thanks! This is served along with rice for lunch with any dry curry or kootu for side dish. I have very memories of tasting this from my Mom’s kitchen. Do try this recipe and you will like it for its simple flavors and taste. Remove the the vendakkai from the oil and transfer to a plate lined with kitchen towel to absorb the excess oil. Vendakkai puli kuzhambu – South indian style Tamilnadu recipe for Vendakkai/okra curry simmered in a rich tangy tamarind gravy. Pachadi is an essential side dish at any Kerala Sadya (Grand feast), whether it is a wedding or a religious holiday or a birthday. Moru kootan is a classic Tamil Brahmin recipe. Vendakkai – 1/4 kg Tomato – 1 Toor dal – 1/4 cup Small onion – 1/4 cup (chopped) Shredded coconut – 1/4 cup Tamarind extract – 2 tbsp Masala – 1/2 tbsp Chilli powder – 1 tsp Turmeric – 1 pinch Add the sambhar powder and some water to avoid the browning of the pan. Vendakkai is the tamil name for okra and Poriyal is a sauteed or stir-fried dry dish made with any veggie. Sour in Tamil translates into ‘puli’, hence ‘puli pachadi’. This is different from mor kuzhambu in terms of the spices used for grinding. Serve hot with rice. Add the tamarind juice and let it boil for a few minutes. Today let us learn how to make vendakka curd/Thayir pachadi by following this easy Vendakka pachadi recipe. Add mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds, curry leaves, asafoetida powder and turmeric powder, green chillies, jaggery, tamarind extract and salt. Yogurt being moderately acidic is easily balanced with just salt, but tamarind or kokum are both highly tart and are usually balanced by adding jaggery. Recipe: Vendakkai Pachadi (lady's fingers (okra) in tamarind gravy) Pachadi means different things in different south indian languages. Nov 27, 2019 - kootu recipe in Tamil/vendaikka pachadi. Pachadi is basically raw, cooked or fried vegetables in a sour sauce. Vendakkai puli pachadi recipe,i am trying out for the first time. This is another version of this pachadi which I have prepared without tomatoes. This is an easy peasy recipe which can done without much effort. Okra is known as Vendakkai in Tamil and as Bhindi in Hindi.. When a reader asked for this recipe, i didn’t have much idea about how to make vendakkai puli pachadi. It also goes well with Biriyani and Pulao’s. If the pachadi has too much water, increase the heat to reduce the water. 3. 3 People. Vendakkai (okra) – 250 gm Thayir Pachadi is an essential element in the Southindian wedding platter as well as Onam Sadhya. Close with lid and cook until the okra and the lentils are cooked thru. In a shallow frying pan, heat the required oil. The taste of kara kulambu is somewhat tangy, spicy and very flavourful. Moru kootan can be prepared with ash gourd (elavan), colocasia (chembu), tomato and ladies finger […] Ingredients. Vendakkai Thayir pachadi recipe | ladies finger raita, a delicious South Indian raita recipe,pairs well with any variety rice. Its a yogurt based dish with vegetables flavored with ground paste of coconut, green chillies and cumin seeds. It's a quick and easy recipe to try.Few fews before, i saw this recipe in some tv shows and immediately i made note of it . I love kara kuzhambu. Vendakkai Pachadi, a delicious accompaniment for rice made from okra,tomato and other spices.Whenever i ask my hubby what accompaniment he want for sambar & rice,his immediate reply would be if we have Vendakkai,then make vendakkai pachadi.Yeah, it's his all time favorite.I'm not very fond of this pachadi like him, but i like to have them with sambar. Tamil Blog; About me; Tuesday, June 14, 2016. Vendakkai Pachadi Apr-20-2017. This Okra pachadi is a perfect contrast with spicy rice dishes. Serves. With finely sauteed bhindi and spices, Vendakka Pachadi has that quintessential crunch derived from urad dal, chana dal plus a dash of tang from curd and even the splendid flavor of tadka! This is a simple South Indian preparation where the Vendakkai is roasted with onions on a low flame until its brown, nutty and caramelized. Kara Kuzhambu / kulambu is an everyday curry made for lunch. Yes me too going to Celebrate with … Vendakkai Pachadi is more of a lady’s finger raita that has a blend of coconut and tempering as well and is served for Onam Sadya. tried the vendakkai pachadi,came out very good, its been long time since i made it, remembered after seeing it ur blog. Use sesame oil for that authentic taste. Because of vendakkai’s nutritional value, this Kara Kulambu is a very common curry prepared for lunch along with steaming hot white rice. Most of you must be familiar with bhindi masala , vendakkai poriyal , stuffed lady’s finger etc but many will not be knowing about this vendakkai puli kootu. Saute the vendakkai pieces for a minute or two and remove. Serves: 4 Cooking time: 30 minutes approximately Ingredients. Also known as Vendakkai Pachadi in the South and Bhindi Pachadi in the North, it is also called as Okra Pachadi in places outside India. Recipe Notes. But there are many different ways of making bendakaya vepudu. Taste great with rice. Vendakkai Pachadi is served in most of the marriage feast in tirunelveli. This vendakkai poriyal is made in tamil speaking homes and is almost the same as bendakaya vepudu from andhra cuisine. When the okra is half cooked add the lentils and water if necessary. vendakkai kootu recipe is a Kerala dish. Cook Time. There is something about crunchy fried bendakaya in cool and creamy curd that is soothing. Make sure Vendakkai is completely dry and then, shallow fry the vendakkai until crisp. Vendakkai pachadi is crunchy and very light. Though it is a simple recipe somehow i never made it. I love anything with vendakkai/okra and luckily it happens to be one of the vegetable that is loved by all at home as well. The Chettinad Vendakkai Saddam makes a perfect one meal dish, that you can serve with raita for a weeknight dinner. The ladies finger pachadi is a staple dish made during festivals like Onam , Diwali and special occasions like wedding or any traditional celebration in South India. Ladiesfinger puli pachadi is a typical Tamil Brahmin recipe which is very common in my house. One of my favourites in this category is Bendakaya Perugu Pachadi (Vendakkai Thayir Pachadi or Bhindi Raita). Vendakkai pachadi is suitable for chappathi and rice too. I make this super easy no onion no garlic recipe of okra poriyal on a regular basis. Akum Raj Jamir 5 minutes. The yogurt makes the dish very cooling and hence this raita pairs up very well with any prepared rice like Tomato rice, tamarind rice or Sesame rice. Vendakkai Puli Kulambu Recipe or Vendakkai Puli Pachadi. The traditional Vendakka Pachadi uses deep fried okra/ lady's finger. The sourness may come from yogurt, tamarind or even kokum. 2. This is an everyday stir-fry. vendakkai pachadi recipe Hailing from a South Indian family, Thayir Pachadi { Southindian raita } is often served along with Molagootal { mixed vegetable curry } or Keerai Molagootal. 5 Easy Pachadi Recipes in Kerala style for Onam Sadya Pineapple Pachadi, Beetroot Pachadi, Pavakkai Pachadi, Vellarikka Pachadi, Pineapple Pachadi are very easy pachadi recipes,that you can make for Onam Sadya.2016 Onam falls on September 14, Thursday.Hope Everyone started Preparations. Vendakkai Kara Kulambu Recipe with Step by step pictures. In Telugu Pachadi refers to all pickles. 15 minutes. Vendakkai Puli Pachadi is ready.Serve with rice,idli or dosa or with almost anything you like. You can make this pachadi with bitter gourd or brinjal. June 19, 2009 at 12:15 PM Prep Time. Also, if you’re bored with the usual curry for rice like dal or poondu kulambu or sambar varieties etc, try this recipe and you will love it! Vendakkai is a wonderful vegetable with more nutrients and fiber. I often make this dish as a side with sambar rice or rasam rice. Few are in their Home Town for Onam Celebration. And it is the perfect blend of tangy tomatoes and spices with just right amount of heat. Pachadi is a side dish made from different vegetables like ginger, cucumber, pineapple, lady’s finger, bitter gourd or ginger. Ladies finger / Okra done the right way can be delicious. You can add only red or only green chillies. Step 1: Shallow fry the Vendakkai/lady’s finger. Thayir Pachadi is one of the important and simplest dish served for any feasts in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Vendakkai Poriyal is a great side dish for lunch. The rice is spiced with black pepper, small baby onions and gets its tanginess from the tamarind. Kara Kuzhambu is generally made with a choice of veggies like drumstick, brinjal etc… but I heavily fall for kara kuzhambu made with vendakkai – ladies finger. Chettinad Vendakkai Saddam or Bhindi Rice is a delicious South Indian Chettinad style preparation of the rice that is spicy, tangy and delicious. can u pls post mango innippu pachadi as it is mango season now. thanks for the recipe. also i second the cauliflower soup recipe request. Its usually served with rice. We prefer to have simple and healthy side dishes for dinner. You can also add red chilli powder in place of sambhar powder. The pachadi is usually made with vegetables like cucumber / ladysfinger. After marriage i have never attempted this on my own. Delicious kara kulambu recipe made using ladies finger. Vendakka Pachadi-Bhindi ka raita ... Tamil Brahmin Recipes Karnataka Today i tried this pachadi and serve with rice and sambar. But this can also be made without any vegetables, but just with ground coconut paste and yogurt. Though i have tasted in a friend’s place very long back, i couldn’t recollect the recipe. Pachadi is a curry based side dish/ accompaniment. Read Instructions Save For Later. Here is Vendakkai (Okra) Kootu as a side dish for Rice or Chapatti.. It is a perfect combination with rice. Here is the video of Tamilnadu Style Vendakkai puli kuzhambu – Kulambu – Ladies Finger in tamarind curry Notes. Vendakkai fry or vendakkai poriyal recipe - Simple South Indian style okra fry recipe. Vendakkai Thayir Pachadi | Okra Thayir Pachadi | Easy Pachadi Recipe Today's recipe is Vendakkai Thayir Pachadi. Season mustard and while it starts spluttering, add orid dal, red chillies and fry, when the orid dal turns golden yellow colour, add ladys finger and sauté them for 2 minutes on low flame till they shrink and change colour. This simple pachadi is a simpler version of the Kerala Vendakka Kichadi, which uses coconut, cumin, and green chillies as a seasoning. ABOUT Vendakkai Pachadi RECIPE. Vendakkai pachadi is prepared by frying the ladies finger till crisp and then it is mixed with beaten curd.