It’s easy to fall in love with Elyu because of its endless good vibes and an even greater community!

After a weekend in this little surftown, you will immediately come up with reasons to come back. And if you’re an avid or professional surfer, it’s the perfect place to get your surfing fix because it’s just a few hours away from Manila. But other than it being a surf spot, you will grow close to the sense of community the people who live in La Union have built, the countless restaurants and cafés that you can’t find anywhere in Manila (check out our CVMN Eats: La Union Edition for our top picks!) and the fun nightlife this place has to offer. You will be reminded to let loose and dance your butt off with everyone else! We’ve cooked up with a playlist of some of the tunes you will easily associate Elyu with because you’ve somehow danced to these songs under the moonlight. Don’t forget to follow us on Spotify (cavemantravels) for more soundtracks:

Ever been to Elyu before? What is your favorite thing about this little surftown? Share your thoughts with us below!

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