Let’s face it: unexpected flight delays will either get the better of you and make you want to punch someone in the face, or give you some extra time to slow it down and maybe bop to a cool playlist.

Of course, if you’re off to an exciting destination or coming home after a beautiful trip, nothing, even a little bit of downtime should ruin the mood. Just sit back and relax in the waiting area, grab a snack—or a coffee—maybe? Take out that book you’ve been saving for this trip and read to your heart’s content. Pop in those earphones and jam to a really dope playlist that we’ve made just for you via #CavemanSoundtracks—it’s guaranteed to give you some good vibes while waiting. Check it out below and don’t forget to follow us on Spotify via cavemantravels.

What song keeps you accompany in times like these? Share them below and maybe we’ll add it to this soundtrack.

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